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Document Translation, interpretation and interpretation equipment rental services have never been easier. Experienced, subject matter translators and interpreters in over 205 languages, 24 hour support - Thousands of Global & Local satisfied clients . we also incorporate services like the website, App and software localization, proofreading and video translation.


translation servicestranslation services
interpretation services in Lagos, Abuja and Port harcourt Nigeria

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language translation and interpretation services


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interpreters in Lagos, Abuja and Port harcourt Nigeria

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Simultaneous interpretation equipment in Lagos, Abuja and Port harcourt Nigeria

"I enjoy using this top-class translation service for its acceptability, wide range of professional approach to review, flexibility and reliability. I found it intuitively easy to recommend Novatia translations here in the UK and it has helped me produce some really impressive delivery for my company."

"This company is perfect. It's streamlined my creative process when it comes to simultaneous interpretation, reaching new markets, documentation: translated and localized elements on my WP powered sites."

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Our creative way of thinking and doing things has helped us to constantly improve and stay ahead of the game. This earned us the 2018 NiRA Awards for The Most innovative Online Service Provider in Nigeria.


We are committed to our mission and values in creating and delivering our services that are our unique brainchild and second to none. Integrity, transparency and sincerity are our watchword.


We keep our word in rendering the service you chose us for, satisfactorily and completely. We do not pretend to be perfect but with our persistency  and determination, we get things done.


    is to be the language information desk of the world.

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    To make the world a global village through translation, interpretation, and localization.

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translation services

Translate and legalize all types of documents

We have built a solid reputation for delivering high-quality translations on time and at competitive rates. Our proven track record has resulted in a rapidly growing network of clients worldwide.? Call or request a quote today and see why we are Nigeria’s choice for quality translation services.

Certified, official and authorized translations for all institutions

Certified translation services that equip your translations with a certificate of authenticity? for no additional charge! Whether you need a notarized translation for your university, an apostille translation for traveling abroad, or any certified translation as you traverse the globe, we are the certified translation company for you!

We are committed to Accuracy, Quality, Reliability, and superior customer service.

Highly rated language interpreters

Our professional interpreters are experienced and have subject matter knowledge to bridge the language barrier in any setting. All the interpreters in our team are qualified, have education and training, and have accumulated years of experience performing interpretation services with an extraordinary standard of excellence

Get latest infrared simultaneous interpretation equipment for conferences

We provide simultaneous interpretation equipment rentals for a wide variety of interpreting equipment, including sound-proof and table top booths, headsets, transmitters, microphones, and more. We offer simultaneous interpretation equipment rental services in Nigeria and West Africa region.

interpretation services
translation services in Lagos

Localize your Apps, softwares & websites

Localization services that expand your business across the globe. When launching your product in a new market, you want your audience to feel like this product was made for them. With our professional localization services you?ll achieve just that! You will far surpass simple website translation. You will take your business global!

A real Time-Saver

Our global team of translators can handle large volume of translation ranging from 5,000/words daily to tens of thousands of words daily.

Free sworn certificates

5,000 customers can’t be wrong.
We offer incredible free sworn certificate of translations for all our document translation services!

Best Price gauarantee

We believe all our customers deserve the most cost-effective translation services . We deliver our services at the best pricing in the market.

More than 50.000 translators and the best translation rating

Novatia is the best rated top translation service in Nigeria. There is no other translation company in Nigeria with the same sales and global recognition with an average rating of 4.85. Heck, you will be hard pressed to find ANY translation agency on the web with that huge network of global translators and a rating that good 😉

A growing capacity of more than 20,000 words/day

Certified Translations backed by our 100% full Acceptance Guarantee. The translation of official documents has to be accurate in order for the papers to be accepted by government agencies, educational institutions and other entities. To ensure authenticity, many organizations require you to use sworn, certified and/or notarized translation services.

We have a 100% acceptance rate with most government agencies, organisations, educational institutions and businesses. Whether you?re applying for a job, establishing residency or enrolling in school, you can trust that certified translations from Novatia translations will be accurate, accepted and provided in a timely manner.

Our great translators, interpreters and translation services:
Certified , Sworn and Notarized !

With the ability to translate documents of all types into?over 205 languages, we can support your translation, interpretation and interpretation equipment needs in Nigeria, west Africa, Europe. and overseas.

From small translation projects to large-scale endeavors, we?ll assign a project manager who will coordinate between your organization and our team of professionals. In addition to standard translations, we also support your organization with a wide range of additional services including providing state of the art infrared simultaneous conference interpretation equipment.

In order to serve you well, our language interpretation services cover all the specialties that you might need: court interpreting, legal interpreting, business interpreting, as well as medical interpreting. We also have available interpreters with government security clearance for more sensitive matters.

You can be sure we only use professional language interpreters with the necessary experience and credentials to perform at the highest level of interpreting. Each interpreter is carefully selected, with fluency in the language combination required and well versed in the industry pertinent to the assignment.

Interpretation Equipment Rental

What is your interpretation equipment Need

Novatia translations would help you meet your interpretation equipment needs. Whether it is infrared or FM interpretation equipment, coupled with our  We will help you arrange, manage, and provide ongoing support. We’ll assist you with choosing the right interpretation rental equipment and setting up for and interpreting the event. We assure you—your event will be a success with Reliable Translations highly experienced, accurate and caring interpreters, knowledgeable technicians, and state-of-the-art wireless equipment.

Novatia translations  will always work hand-in-hand with your coordinators to ensure complete equipment and event functionality with less stress and effort on your part, freeing you up to focus on other important things. We help you along the way and ensure communication continues throughout the planning stages and at the event itself. Customer service is very important to us—we want you to be completely satisfied and have your multilingual event be a huge success.

Digital Language IR Infrared Interpretation Equipment Rental Services

Latest Conference Discussion System

We implement Highly sophisticated and secure Multilingual conferences

Our equipment allows delegates to listen to their chosen language using headphones or earpieces in comfort, and are free to move around unrestricted by wires.

Our systems are able to manage up to 32 languages and allows delegates to listen using headphones or earpieces in comfort, without the restriction of wires. In addition, the system can be used to provide facilities for hearing impaired individuals for one or all channels. This includes the outputs for recording and external audio.

Using the relay switch on the front of each provided console, interpreters can choose to listen to either the original audio or any other translated channel. Consoles can be provided with chip-card readers, which allow each interpreter to take their personal settings with them to any utilised console.

Our trained technician will set up your equipment prior to the start of the conference and remain on-site to ensure the event is professional and productive for all attendees.

Multi Media
Cloud Based
High sensitivity
Zero Interference

We work with market-leading companies.
And of course working out of the box with thousands more…

What our customer say

” We are pleased to announce Novatia translations as the winner of most innovative online service provider in Nigeria after carefully considering the impact of their service, performance and innovation”

NiRA Award Team

Novatia translation is the best translation service we have around, they helped us in translating our students document for the exchange program. We are very proud of their professionalism and on time delivery.

International strategy office, FUTA

Novatia translations came to our rescue for the translation of our research project and they currently do not have rival

International Institute of tropical Agriculture, IITA

Real support by real people

We offer the best support and translation service you can imagine. Use our support desk if you got any question and our team will respond, thats for sure! We got thousands of document translation requests and a customer satisfaction of 98%. We do care that you you receive the best and most authentic translation service

Innovative team of certified translators and interpreters in 205 Languages

Our translators are certified and sworn translators, experienced native linguists of the language into which they translate. Whether you have content requiring translation into Italian, Russian, Spanish, Chinese, German, French, or any other language, our translations will be understood by your target audience.

Our nearly 10,000 language interpreters work with hundreds of client organizations in West Africa

Our interpreters are the core heart of our business operations. Our outsourcing translation services extend to hundreds of companies that trust us with their language communication and correspondence management. The breadth of the experience of our interpreters is truly amazing, whether onsite, or conference, we lead Nigeria in interpretation services.

Multiple Award-winning Translation Company

We are recognized by our customers and the industry for our leadership in shaping the future of the language industry.  The Most Recent was By The Nira Awards: Most Innovative Service provider in Nigeria.

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