Why do you need French Translation Services?

Why do you need French Translation Services?
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There are 29 countries where French is the official language, comprising what is known as “La Francophonie”, or the French-speaking world. Many international agencies and organizations, including the United Nations, have it as one of their official languages. In the European Union alone, about 12% of people speak French natively, and there are over 15 different dialects of French spoken throughout the world.

french translation servicesThe French language is regulated by the Académie française and has a long history of being the most popular language in terms of diplomacy, literature, commerce, and more. In fact, French is still considered to be the third most useful language for business, after English and Mandarin. It is also one of the official court languages of the most important international courts and tribunals.

Most native French speakers are actually citizens of the French-speaking African countries. There are anywhere from 70 million to 110 million native French speakers in the world, and an additional 190 million who speak it as a second language.

We have French translators who specialize in specific cultures so your French translations will be appropriate in Paris, Montreal or Madagascar.