Are you at the stage of translating Czech documents or translation to Czech from any language. There is no point travelling to Czech republic or sending your documents to Czech republic to translate your documents.

Nowadays, the English language is used so widely that almost anyone can speak it. For this reason Czech to English translations or English to Czech translations (as well as many other combinations) are on demand right now. At Novatia, we have many Czech/English translators who are native speakers of said languages, so your translations will be of high quality.

We have built collaboration with Czech republic and have sworn translators in Czech republic on our document translation team. You can now translate and get the apostill seal in 24-48hrs in any city in Nigeria with duely stamped original from our Czech republic. We have worked several years to bring about this cooperation with the legal public office in Czech republic.

In order to translate from Czech to English (and vice versa), the translator has to have a deep understanding of the nuances of both languages. There are many English and Czech dialects, as well as tons of different cultures that speak these languages. A good translator will always adapt the text according to the target language and culture in order to clearly convey the message of the written content.

Most frequently translated types of documents:

-birth certificate, death certificate, marriage certificate and other documents from the registry of vital records
-report card, high school diploma, university diploma, graduation certificate, course completion certificate, certificate of study abroad
-criminal record check, certificate of incorporation, registration certificate from Companies House, a copy of an entry in the Public Registry of Real Estate, tax return
notarial authentication, Apostille – superlegalization
business contract (contract of sale, power of attorney, contract of employment, insurance policy, articles of association, lease agreement, general terms and conditions, notarial record, minutes of meeting)
legal texts (court order, judgment of divorce, summons, international arrest warrant, legal action, petition, appeal, last will and testament, expert opinion) and other legal translations for courts of law, public prosecutors, police and law firms

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