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Proofreading And Type setting

Novatia Translation services reflect the true meaning of your message.

We are experienced and detail-oriented proofreaders bring you peace of mind to your translations by paying meticulous attention to the linguistic, stylistic, and cultural aspects of text.

To provide such a work we have detail-oriented native proofreaders team that grasp subtleties of linguistic, stylistic, and cultural aspects, and will pay close attention to the source material to deliver a text free from typos, punctuation errors, awkward phrasing, poor word choice, improper formatting, and other errors or inaccuracies.

Customer documents are proofread and marked up using the ‘track changes’ function in Microsoft Word, which allows for the easy navigation of changes and comments. Our proofreaders include all modifications made to the original document, while also including comments and suggestions in the margins.

The final document you will receive will includes all this documentation, research, and reasoning behind the changes so it would clear to understand the changes.

Furthermore, we will provide the track of the changes made so everything can be easily traced down. In this manner the most thought through change, and the more miniscule correction can be easily backtracked, escalated, explained, and discuss.

The resulting document is one that meets your every requirement.

Novatia offers this service in two manners:

As part of all a complete project, since all project follow TEP (translation, editing, proofreading) process;
As a standing alone service for texts that have processed that have been adapted by a different source.


Get it right, first time

First impressions count. Having a great translation is only half the story in producing a foreign language brochure, website or even business card. The visual presentation is also important with many clients quick to make up their minds. The aesthetics of your translated publication can, and should, be every bit as refined as the English original.

Our in-house studio work with the widest range of foreign languages week in, week out. We understand how they work, know how to solve the inherent problems and avoid any pitfalls.

Our multilingual typesetting studio will ensure the right look, giving you great results and sparing any translation blushes.

Well written translations

We can typeset from a pre-exisitng translation or supply a professional translation and then typeset it.

As foreign language experts, we know that a successful translation pays attention to style, linguistic connotations and cultural appropriateness. WorldAccent employs only mother-tongue professional translators, selected according to their language skills, educational background, subject knowledge and experience.

We also offer a range of other language services including copywriting, proofreading and linguistic brand-name checks.

Translation typesetting expertise

Whether you need one word or a whole brochure, you can be confident of top quality foreign language typesetting delivered in a manner to suit you. Our multilingual typesetting service covers the globe: we haven’t yet found a language we can’t typesetting.

Some languages, such as Hindi, Arabic or Chinese, require expanded software or specialised plug-ins. Some languages may require expanded versions of fonts. Our vast library of multilingual fonts allows a great visual match every time. If hours have been spent perfecting your English brand identity based around the font DIN Light, isn’t it best if your Polish and Russian brochures use DIN Light too?

Having specialised in multilingual typesetting for over 25 years, we have built up an unbeatable stock of typefaces spanning the languages of the world. Our in-house studio are on hand from the start to advise below font for your document.

Delivered ready to print

Your typeset document will be supplied back to you in an easy to use format, such as a PDF for print or web. Alternatively we can supply translated typeset artwork with non-roman scriptsas outlined text to avoid any font problems. Small files can be provided via email, and larger ones via our high speed FTP or on CD or DVD. If you prefer, we can arrange the printing of your foreign language document too so you receive the finished product, delivered to your door.

We supply initial proofs for sign-off by yourself or an end-client as a matter of course. Our in-house studio is on hand to carry out any amendments rapidly and accurately.


We provide interpretation services for the following areas of application:

  • Conferences – this area of application is divided into two: the institutional and the local private markets. The institutional markets often require adaptation from various foreign languages into the interpreters’ mother tongue. The local private markets, on the other hand, require adaptation from one language to another.
  • Legal/court setting – this area is technical in nature and requires mastery of the subject as well as the languages involved. Interpretation in this area of application is utilised in judicial courts, during tribunals or legal proceedings. In this setting, the interpreter must be able to simultaneously process statements or the whole proceeding through electronic means for one or more people.
  • Escort/personal – otherwise known as liaison interpreting, interpretation services for this form of application requires the linguist to accompany a person or a group in a tour, a visit or a meeting.
  • Public service – this type of application requires a great deal of understanding of the target audience. An interpreter  must be conscious of a number of factors including emotional content, the state of the surroundings, the stress levels of the audience, and the relationship between the audience and the source.
  • Medical – this area of application usually takes place between a medical practitioner and a patient. A medical interpreter  must have a strong understanding of medicine and the other areas of expertise involved in the practice, as it involves serving both the caregiver and the patient.


Localization are the processes by which a product is brought over from one local market to another, making it as intuitive, expressive, and user-friendly that users from both markets will feel it if was native, and written from the ground up to them.

Cross-cultural awareness of traditions, costumes, and market effectiveness are all taken into account when making the decisions over the best way to localize a product.

Format, orthography, degree of expressiveness, plays on words, alliterations, user friendliness are elements that constantly influence each other to get the best, and most successful solution for a given local market.

An extensive knowledge of the online behaviours of users of both source and target markets will bring a new light over the shortcomings, and show the best and most well-fitting solutions for each local market.

We can proudly affirm that thanks to our globally localized team of experts we are able to apply this knowledge to practice and create a final result of the highest quality.

Novatia has extensive experience working on:

  • Bilingual and multilingual website translation.
  • New monolingual sites for the chosen local market.

Tailored solutions

We understand your needs and resources, and we take them into account to offer you the best fitting localization solution.

Thus we have solutions like Internationalization, which quickly identifies the variables of website susceptible to be changed during the localization process. This allows us to be able to launch your product in all the local markets you want all at once.

Our cross-cultural and international network of translators, programmers, marketers and writers will take on this point to localize your product to the markets of your choice.

Website localization is the process of converting a website’s format and content so it feels native to the targeted local user.

Thus our global team uses their socio-culture, political, and stylistic features of both cultures to transfer the intent of the original content and user interface while maintaining usability.

Benefits of a multilingual website

  •  Multilingual websites appear in better positions, and in more search engines. In fact, search engines and directories do not normally list a site that is not in the language of the user.
  •  Customers can effectively and instantly promote their brand by presenting products and services to the global market, and keeping the local feeling, thereby creating rapid brand recognition.
  •  Multilingual websites create an essential marketing tool for our customers. Because, according to research, users are 3 times more likely to purchase services and products when addressed in the native language.

An international advantage for our customers

Website translation and localization adapt content and format to the local language and culture of the market of the costumer’s choice.

Market research companies have found that costumer three times more willing to interact and engage with those sites which address them in their mother tongue.

Our localization team offers your products and services the key to the gates to the global market, making your users from around the world feel at home when visiting your website.

At Novatia, we help you strategize, create, and manage a website localization solution that meets your specific goals and challenges.

Our offer consists of a global proven operative model, and monitored global network of translators.

We assure the highest quality possible by only working with translators specialized in your company’s field, and connoisseurs, and natives of the local culture of your market’s choice.

Many companies rely on our cross-cultural understanding to make their products native to the local market of your choice, and transform their websites in a global gateway to your products and services.


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