Dutch Conference Interpretation services

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Our Dutch Conference Interpreters provide Dutch interpretation and translation services for courtrooms, medical appointments, conferences and meetings across the United States.

Novatia translations NG is dedicated to providing unparalleled Dutch translation and interpretation services.

Which types of interpreting can our Dutch conference interpreters offer? 

Two forms of interpreting are required at conferences and Novatia translations NG is happy to provide experienced and specialized interpreters for both requests: 

Simultaneous interpretation services: This can be tricky and tiring for interpreters as it requires immediate repetition of original speech into the target language through use of a headset and microphone. Usually two or more interpreters work together to alleviate the pressure. They are set up in a booth and relevant audience members listen to their interpretation through headphones. Novatia translations NG’s conference interpreters have long experience working at conferences in addition to being certified by professional interpreting institutions. 

Consecutive interpreting: There also occasions at conferences which demand consecutive interpreting assistance. This may be during panel discussions, sessions or perhaps in a situation where an organisation wishes to speak face-to-face with exhibiting businesses set up in stalls around the conference room. In these instances, interpretation is more likely to be two-way; it becomes a facilitating process which allows for communication interchange between two parties rather than one-way simultaneous, which is more often a method used to convey information to a large and diverse audience.