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Although Dutch and English are Germanic languages and share a few common characteristics, a translation from English to Dutch requires a lot of work and linguistic knowledge. If you need a translation of this type, you will always be advised to contact a professional, who will be able to deliver your message into the target language without losing any particularities and subtleties. This Dutch translation expert should also take into account regional and dialectal varieties (in the Netherlands but also in Flanders, Belgium).

By having your documents translated into Dutch, you could reach the 28 million speakers of this language. Although most Dutch speakers are fluent in English, they will appreciate having access to your content in their native language. Considering that England is among the major trading partners of the Netherlands, demand for English-Dutch translation is particularly high. Not to mention that the Netherlands is the largest provider of ocean freight in Europe.

Translating your documents into Dutch is a necessary step to facilitate negotiations, information exchange, and dialogue with your Dutch contacts. Cultures Connection offers translation services from or into Dutch or no matter the nature of your project or the business sector of your company.

Novatia translations NG handles your Dutch (from or into) translation projects from the receipt of documents through their delivery. With experience in the translation sector, our agency has developed a large network of translators of Dutch nationality. Whether you need an English-Dutch or Dutch-English translation, our project managers will select a professional who will be able to adapt to your requirements and deadlines.

Knowing the damage a bad translation can bring about, Cultures Connection selects its translators on the basis of their language skills and their formal education. They demonstrate at least five years of successful experience and must regularly pass tests in order to stay in our database.

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