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Any translation into French involves different types of difficulties directly related to the language of Moliere. First of all, it is important to know the different national and regional varieties of the language: from the French in France to the French in Canada and even the French in Belgium, the accents and expressions are as numerous as they are varied. And then, false friends can be extremely misleading. These are pairs of words with the same root but that, over time, have acquired different meanings. Beware of these traps! For an optimal result, let professional translators take care of your French translation project.

With more than 274 million speakers spread over 5 continents, French is inarguably an essential language for any business desiring to establish itself abroad. Cultures Connection has gathered professional translators ready to place their expertise at your service. These experts specialize in different areas (business, finance, science, international organizations, new technologies, etc.) where the use of French is very common. English-French and French-English translations are among the language services most requested by our clients.

If you are looking for a professional French interpreter or translator, Novatia translations NG is the intermediary to contact. Our translation agency collaborates with many French translators and makes a point of selecting the most qualified language experts for your project. Our extensive network of English-French and French-English interpreter allows us to handle requests for translation from very diverse business sectors.

In addition to their language skills, our translators specialize in precise areas. So, if you need a business translation, our company will contact a professional with demonstrated experience in sales and/or marketing. All of our French-speaking translators have degrees and at least five years of proven experience. In order to convey cultural and linguistic subtleties perfectly, they work into their native language only.

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