How Much Does a Document Translation Service Cost?

Compare Document Translation Prices

Document translation is the process by which the source language of an original document is professionally and accurately translated to a different target language. Translation services are essential to helping the global economy go round. It is a necessary and effective solution for addressing language barriers in a variety of situations (i.e. medical and/or legal documents).

About Document Translation

The steps that reputable translation companies take to provide quality document translation usually involve several action items from start to finish. Once the original document requiring translation is reviewed and translated to the desired language, it must then also be correctly reformatted.

A thorough editing process is invaluable in order that the final translated document meets all correct format standards. Any final editing should be done by someone other than the original translator. Some of the top translation services certify the quality of translated documents by having an individual fluent in the target language complete a final editorial review.

Document Translation Service Average Costs

There are enormous variations in cost for document translation service. The target language, size and complexity of a document, turn around time, and the quality of the source text are a few of the most important considerations in terms of pricing.

What you should know:

  • Total cost, price terms, and turn around time should be agreed upon at the very beginning stages of a service agreement.
  • Flat fees for payment by the hour or page are not ordinarily used as a translation billing method for lengthy documents. However, in the case of legal or shorter documents it is more common. On average, expect to pay?$30 to $125 per page,?depending on the document type and the target language but Novatia translation has helped to reduce the cost to between $23- $100 and even provide below the rate given by any translation services due to the large volumes they do on a daily basis. (5,000NGN- 10,000NGN)
  • The most common pricing method and industry standard is determined by a cost per word basis. On average, expect to pay?$0.08 to $0.40 per word.?(This typically applies to the number of source words and not target language word counts.)
  • It is common for companies to charge higher fees for languages with more complex translation demands.
  • Some translation services charge extra fees for proofreading and editing services.
  • Rush translation jobs typically incur charges 25% to 50% higher than regular rates.

Document Translation Services Sample Costs

  • Translated Translation Services – Rates and turn around rate vary according to word count and language translation combinations- Example- Word count of 5,000 translated from traditional Chinese to English: Professional package- 1 translator/quality control per 5 – day turn around – $719.96; or Premium package – 2 translators per additional quality control & glossary and translation memory creation – $930.16.
  • Local Translation – Prices and turnaround rate fluctuate based on language combinations and original word counts – Example- Word count of 5,000 translated from Chinese to English: $1,054.27; Word count of 5,000 translated from Arabic to English: $1,331.71.
  • 1Translate – Rates are set according to the document type (i.e. general text, biotech, educational materials, government, etc.) and by the original document word count or page number (400 words per page); Examples – general text- $0.07 per word or $35 per page; biotech – $0.16 per word or $80 per page; educational materials – $0.10 per word or $50 per page; government – $0.12 or $60 per page.