Ibibio language is quite similar to the brother Annang and Efik but differences exist in speaking however they have same alphabets in writing. The following are the basics in Ibibio language.
NOTE: /ò/ as in “son”, /ñ/ as in “wing” and the special non english soung /kp/ as in “gbam”.

Good morning – Amesiere (greeting one person)
Good morning – Emesiere (greeting more than one person)
Good afternoon – Mmekòm o (no direct interpretation but this is proper)
Thank you – sòsòñò (esòsòñò plural)
Welcome – amedi? (emedi? Plural)
Goodbye – kaa di (ekaya edi plural)
Weldone – keenam o
You have done well – amenam eti eti (emenam eti eti plural)