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Wired Microphone System

For conference interpretation equipment, a wired microphone system with built-in language channel listening for all of the participants is distributed throughout the conference room. Wireless microphones for the presenters are installed by technicians prior to the conference. Multi-channel conference audio systems are commonly used as they allow participants to select their own language on their personal receiver.

Soundproof Booth Options

There are several booth options for the interpreters: Custom-built, full-size soundproof booths are usually placed in the back of the conference room to keep the interpreters’ voices from disrupting the speaker and participants. When space is tight, compact and economical table-top booths can also be used. If there is not enough room for a booth, interpreters work in nearby rooms linked to the speaker and audience via video and audio feeds.


Portable Systems:

For smaller more informal meetings a portable equipment system, or “whisper” system, provides the simplest and least expensive solution. A wallet-sized transmitter is used for the interpreter and wireless receivers with headsets for the listeners allowing for freedom of movement. Although this type of equipment is optimal for small group meetings, site visits or tours, it can also be useful for lectures, presentations and classrooms where the interpreter stands directly next to the speaker and facilitates for the audience.

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For events which require simultaneous interpretation equipment, there are several options to consider depending on the space, the type of event, and the allocated budget. The most common types of conference interpreting equipment used for large international conferences, for example, consist of wired microphone systems which enable the audience to hear what is being said in a given language using wireless headphones.

Simultaneous Infrared Interpretation Equipment

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Conference translation equipment system

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We provide comprehensive conference interpretation equipment for congresses, trainings and presentations. We can provide good quality audio, visual and interpreting equipment for your event upon request. We can set up a media centre and prepare audio or visual records of the event. This service package includes complete equipment service during your event – our trained technicians are present throughout and will ensure problem-free operation and servicing of all used devices.

Simultaneous interpreting

For simultaneous interpreting, the professional interpreter interprets parallel with the speaker’s speech, using interpreting equipment. Simultaneous interpreting usually involves two interpreters, each working in 30-minute periods. This style of interpreting is especially in demand at conferences, congresses, seminars and company presentations.

Consecutive Interpreting

We regularly provides interpretation services on many seminars, lectures and business negotiations. The two standard methods of interpretation are simultaneous and consecutive. During consecutive interpreting, the speaker usually presents in coherent paragraphs and concepts, and every 2-5 minutes has a break so the interpreter can record the necessary information and perform the subsequent interpretation. The ability to write notes (and in many cases shorthand) is an important skill in consecutive interpreting. Novatia has been cooperating with professional interpreters across a wide range of disciplines for almost ten years.

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How Simultaneous interpretation Is Done

Consider trying to listen to, absorb and understand what is being spoken by one person (called the “source”) in one language, navigating what may be a thick accent, digesting what could be highly technical information, converting what is being said to another language (called the “target”) and speaking that information mere words behind the dialogue accurately while still listening to the ongoing source speaker.

This is how simultaneous Translation is done. And, although this all may appear to happen “simultaneously”, in actuality the translation is performing complex multi-tasking at a lightening pace. It’s no wonder, with the intensity of focus and concentration involved that it’s been compared to that demanded of air traffic controllers.

Here is how the process works:

  • Source language listened to
  • Comprehended
  • Semantic analysis performed
  • Inner short term memory operations and transformations performed
  • Target language generated
  • Self-monitoring and correction applied
  • Target language spoken

What are interpretation equipment?

Interpretation equipment are language distribution system solutions .Interpretation equipment are a combination of conbines  device solutions that aid easy transmission of audio messages from a speaker of a particular language to an audience of a different language. Such devises are: IR Receiver, IR Radiator, IR Transmitter, Interpreter headphone with microphone, Interpreter console and headphones.

How does simultaneous interpretation operate?

A translator is someone who can orchestrate an accurate and understandable conversation between people who do not share a common language in a real time situation. In a world that’s become a global village, the need for a translator is vital to help bridge the communication gap between individuals who conduct the affairs of governments, corporations, and research, educational and other institutions. In most instances, the translation is needed as quickly as possible during a summit or at a conference as it’s happening, and this is accomplished through the use of a highly skilled interpreter by what is known as the method of simultaneous interpretation.

What are interpretation equipment?

Interpretation equipment are language distribution system solutions .Interpretation equipment are a combination of conbines  device solutions that aid easy transmission of audio messages from a speaker of a particular language to an audience of a different language. Such devises are: IR Receiver, IR Radiator, IR Transmitter, Interpreter headphone with microphone, Interpreter console and headphones.



Simultaneous Interpretation / translation is performed after hearing only a few words spoken in one language, is able to speak what is being said to a target audience or individual in another language and do so flawlessly during an ongoing dialogue. This requires immense skill and a large body of information the interpreter can draw from in an instant, which puts this form of interpretation at the top of the list of the most complex types of human communication that exists. It all occurs literally as the conversation is happening with a lag time of only seconds behind what is being spoken.
The translator works from a soundproof booth and listens to the source speaker through headphones. As the source speaker talks, the Translator communicates the information through a microphone which is relayed to headphones worn by the target listener or listeners. Because the process is particularly stressful and draining, the translator usually works in 30 minutes shifts and may easily translate up to 4,500 words during that one 30-minute time frame.

Where can i rent simultaneous translation equipment

Anywhere in Nigeria including all west African cities

Interpretation Equipment Rentals

To put it plain and simple, we will provide everything you need in regards to translation equipment. Whether it be simple microphones to amplifiers, digital transmitters to control panels, headsets to soundproof booths… allow Novatia Translations to take care of it all!

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