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interpretation services in Nigeria

Novatia translations Limited is the biggest translation company in Nigeria . Looking for interpretation services in Nigeria?
We provide high-quality translation and interpretation services to businesses in Nigeria. We serve all major industries including healthcare, legal, workers’ compensation, education, travel and tourism and government agencies. Our contracted Nigeria interpreters and translators provide onsite interpretation, over-the-phone interpretation, video remote interpretation (VRI), document translation services, and website localization services. These professional language services are available in 200 foreign languages and American Sign Language (ASL) throughout Nigeria.

Interpretation and Translation Services in Nigeria
Here is a summary of the most common services our language experts provide:

Medical translation in Nigeria: Medical – We provide medical translations for hospitals, clinics, urgent care, rehabilitation facilities, and physician’s offices. We only contract qualified interpreters and translators who are well versed. and have years of experience in the field.

legal translators and interpreters in Nigeria. Legal – Nigeria attorneys need qualified translators to help them depose witnesses who do not speak English as their first language. Our contracted interpreters in Nigeria also help clients better understand the charges that are being brought against them in a civil or criminal court trial, as well as inform them of their options if they have been wronged and will be the plaintiff in a legal matter.

We provide professional translations to school districts across Nigeria. We can accommodate high volume requests to translate class schedules, IEP information, immunization forms, registration forms, flyers, study guides, permission slips and much more.

Nigeria interpreters and translation service

Insurance – We’ll find a professional interpreter to act as the intermediary between the carrier and client, to make sure that both parties receive and understand all information being communicated.