Interpretation Services

We provide interpretation services for the following areas of application:

  • Conferences – this area of application is divided into two: the institutional and the local private markets. The institutional markets often require adaptation from various foreign languages into the interpreters’ mother tongue. The local private markets, on the other hand, require adaptation from one language to another.
  • Legal/court setting – this area is technical in nature and requires mastery of the subject as well as the languages involved. Interpretation in this area of application is utilised in judicial courts, during tribunals or legal proceedings. In this setting, the interpreter must be able to simultaneously process statements or the whole proceeding through electronic means for one or more people.
  • Escort/personal – otherwise known as liaison interpreting, interpretation services for this form of application requires the linguist to accompany a person or a group in a tour, a visit or a meeting.
  • Public service – this type of application requires a great deal of understanding of the target audience. An interpreter  must be conscious of a number of factors including emotional content, the state of the surroundings, the stress levels of the audience, and the relationship between the audience and the source.
  • Medical – this area of application usually takes place between a medical practitioner and a patient. A medical interpreter  must have a strong understanding of medicine and the other areas of expertise involved in the practice, as it involves serving both the caregiver and the patient.