Lets help Legalise your documents at the Ministry of foreign affairs in Nigeria

What is Legalisation?

Legalisation is carried out to certify a document or documents so that they will be recognised by the legal system of a foreign country in this case and this mostly applies to International Commerce.

Legalisation is the official confirmation that a signature, seal or stamp on a Nigerian public document is genuine. Legalisation is usually required by foreign authorities before they will allow a Nigerian document to be used for official purposes in their country



– Foreign and Commonwealth Office

– Notary Public Nigeria




The documents are required to have a signature and seal from a Notary Public to verify to the authorities in Nigeria that the relevant checks have been carried out.

We require that the documents are then further authenticated by the Nigeria Foreign and Commonwealth Office as they are the only authority competent to issue an Apostille (the official certificate attached to the document) in Nigeria and to confirm validity of the notary’s signature and seal.

Proof of Payment  into High Commission Bank account with details.

Letter of Power of Attorney MUST include full contact information i.e. address, telephone and email of the principal (person giving the power) and of the nominee(s) (person receiving the power).

A copy of your passport

A copy of your  ID (if applicable)

Proof of address (utility bill or bank statement)

Proof of ownership of property (if applicable)

Proof of parental/kinship responsibility (if applicable)

If you wish for your documents to be collected by Proxy, please provide a written consent with a copy of ID and proof of address of the proxy. The proxy will also need to present proof of I.D. when collecting.


The applicant may be denied legalization if:


Only translation of a document to be legalized is submitted;

Documents or acts submitted are not subject to legalization;

Document submitted for legalization is not complete;

Document submitted for legalization requires translation;

Stamp or signature in a document submitted for legalization is either absent or does not conform to the sample preserved in the register;

Document or act submitted for legalization is not issued by an authorized body of the consulate in question;

Documents required for receiving the service were not submitted.


Steps for Legalisation in Nigeria


Birth Certificate, Police Character certificate, Marriage Certificate:

It is a strict requirement that all documents must be notarized by a Notary public;

Authenticated at Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs; and then

Legalized at the embassy.

Steps: Educational Certificates:

The documents will be notarized by a Notary public;

Authenticated at the Ministry of Education;

Authenticated at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs; and

Legalized at the embassy.

Processing Times: 1-2 weeks upon receipt of original documents

Business Impact: foreign nationals, dependents, expats, Business visitors, investors.