Are you at the Czech republic embassy in Nigeria and you are required to translate your document to Czech republic and you are given the list of authorized Czech translators in Czech republic . And you are looking to see if it can be done in Nigeria.

Welcome to Novatia translations limited! Our partnership with sworn translators in Czech republic as finally solved this problem. You can now translate your document in any of our offices in Nigeria with the apostill of a sworn translator from Czech republic and get the hard copy in 24 hrs.

You normally find the information below on Czech embassy website in Abuja

“Should you need any document to be translated to (or from) the Czech language, please use a commercial service. You may choose one of the agencies operating in the Czech Republic. Use web search to find them or for example the following link.

Embassy of the Czech Republic in Abuja does NOT provide translation/interpretation services.

All supporting documents submitted when applying for long-term (over 90 days) visas and residence permits must be either in Czech or accompanied by an official/certified translation to the Czech language. This should be done as follows:

Having the official certified translation with interpreter’s and translator’s clause and interpreter’s and translator’s seal done by one of the authorized translators/interpreters (you may contact one of the agencies mentioned above providing official translation services) and delivered by postal/courier service.

Only original hard copies of official translations are accepted.”

Dont worry! the link you are given is the link of the sworn translators in Czech republic. You dont need to go to czech republic to get your translations. We have the same sworn translators working with us through collaboration at a reduced price.

Call us now on 080-3753-1249 or pop into any of our offices across Nigeria.