Live Online Interpreting

Live Online Simultaneous Interpretation Services | Available world wide

Host multilingual video conference or online meeting quickly, with real-time language simultaneous or consecutive human interpreters in over 205 languages and seamless integration to any video-enabled room. We bring flexibility in today’s global Business environment. Multinational corporations that operate across countries need to stay in touch with their various stakeholders to develop strategies, implement plans, and continuously improve or innovate existing operations. Our live online simultaneous interpretation is one of the best in the world.

Online simultaneous conference interpretation services

 Our Live online interpretation services allow organisations communicate in real time in the language of their choice.

  • Remote Simultaneous Interpretation: Online conference Interpretations
  • Multilingual Webinars ( Consecutive online interpretation)
  • Multilingual Conference Calls
  • Virtual Meetings / Video Remote Meetings

Key Benefits

  1. Quick setup, user friendly interface
  2. Interpreters can learn easily
  3. Reach to a much global audience in eight languages
  4. Live on-screen captioning (automated or manual)
  5. Advanced security
  6. Interactive
  7. Record your conferences
  8. Live stream to YouTube and Facebook
  9. Polls and detailed statistics
  10. Very stable audio and video quality
  11. Available at the comfort of your home or office

Simple requirements:

  1. Broadband internet – minimum 10 mega bits per second
  2. Very good computer – a PC with i7 or Macbook Pro
  3. High quality, conference grade, noise-cancelling headset microphone
  4. Back-up plan (a second computer, a second internet connection and a second headset)
online video simultaneous interpretation