online video simultaneous interpretation

Online Meeting Interpretation Services

We provide all the necessary tools to make your events multilingual: from remote simultaneous interpretation and encrypted real-time streaming, to live captioning and searchable recordings in multiple languages. Get your online meeting without getting lost in language barrier. We provide Online meeting interpretation services using our video conference tech app.

 Types of our online meeting Interpretation:

  • Interpreting of training
  • Interpreting at company meetings
  • Interpreting of formal and informal meetings
  • Business meeting interpreting

Interpreting at business meetings

Online Business meeting Interpretation. Our business meeting interpreters translate short segments of conversation at a time for all languages involved.

Benefits of our Online meeting Interpretation

Reduce travel

Connect remote speakers to your on-site events, stream live to the audience in other countries, or run your events completely online. We cover it all.

Save time

Avoid the headache of looking for interpreters, setting up booths and dealing with multiple suppliers. We take care of everything: from set-up to event execution.