In the field of medical document translation, efficiency and quality are required in equal measure. One cannot merely sacrifice quality to meet the deadline of a project, as the text is material to life and health situations. At the same time, however, it is important to meet customer expectations when it comes to turnaround times, in consideration of limited client resources for the project.

Our medical translation company implements a comprehensive and strict process
There are a lot of important things to consider when translating content in this field of interest, such as the scope of the project, the language of the target audience, regulatory specifications, and the glossary of terms involved in the project. Localisation of the text also includes integration of local diacritical marks that are unique to the target language. The services of our translation company are designed to meet the specific needs of this area of application.

As a full-service medical translation company, we have professional medical translators in-house, with different areas of specialisations. By having different specialists, we are able to assign projects to the most capable and appropriate personnel, ensuring quality and efficiency in handling the project. In addition, we implement a multi-tiered quality assurance method to integrate proper composition styles and eliminate errors completely.
After we produce the initial translated copy, the document goes through a battery of editing and quality control processes to make sure that the original message and intent of the text remains intact. At times, the medical document may include an editorial review to check for any errors in accuracy and consistency. In special cases, we subject the text to an in-country review by a subject matter expert. The subject matter expert must have an intimate understanding of the central topic of the text and is a native speaker of the target language.
We can provide medical document translation services for the following:
-Instructions for use
-Clinical trials
-Data sheets
-Production manuals
-Quality of Life measures
-Clinical protocols
-Articles from scientific journals
-Medical reports