mobile apps translations in Nigeriamobile apps translations in Nigeria

More and more businesses these days are targeting the global market. Different countries speak different languages and thus, to present information in the native language of the target audience is one of the key marketing endeavors for global marketing. We regularly observe that more and more organizations are getting their websites translated into multiple languages.

Similarly, mobile applications can be installed by any smart phone user across the world. When a mobile app is localized, all the data in the application needs to be translated to the target language – instructions, complete user interface, user reviews etc. “Data and surveys show that a person is more likely to download and install a mobile application that is in his/her mother tongue. Thus, to increase the user base of a mobile application, mobile app localization services are becoming a mandate”. mobile app localization services.

We run mobile apps translations for banks in Nigeria and west African sub-region.

Resource files that contain localizable strings are referred to as strings files because of their filename extension, which is .strings. You can create strings files manually or programmatically depending on your needs.

DO you have the localizable .strings file available? if yes, send it over to us and we will remove all the duplicate strings from our word count and prepare a quote for you for the languages you stated.