Novatia has been extensively involved in patent translations since its inception. We have had the good fortune of working with a whole range of people and businesses associated with patent translation. Our satisfied client list includes patent attorneys and lawyers, and all kinds of patent agents. We have worked with companies ranging from startups to large corporations.
At Novatis, we have a continuous and ever-increasing inflow of patent related translations. We’ve had the good fortune of having handled Japanese patent translations, Chinese patent translations and translations for almost all European countries. All this has helped us gain invaluable experience and expertise which we channelize into our ongoing projects to the benefit our clients.
The secret of our consistent success lies in the fact that we treat each translation as a whole new project. This allows us to gain valuable insights from each project. At the same time we use our existing patent translation expertise to enhance the translation quality of patent applications, existing and new patents, patent infringement lawsuits and other types of patent translations.
Our ever growing expertise and experience in the area of patent translations gives us the confidence to guarantee you with professional patent translation services. Some of the various types of patent translations undertaken by us –

• Patent applications translation
• Priority documents translation
• Law firms’ patents translation
• Litigation translation