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If you need a translation or interpretation into Portuguese, speak to a professional translator whose native language is Portuguese. Only a native speaker knows the particularities of that language and will be able to deliver a perfectly comprehensible and coherent translation. Just as English can vary between America and Britain, Portuguese in Brazil differs from Portuguese in Portugal. That is why, it is important to call a specialist in that language who has mastered these idiomatic variations. For optimal and reliable results, choose security: entrust your project to Cultures Connection, which in turn will assign it to an expert in the field.

Portuguese ranks as the seventh most spoken language in the world. Spoken by nearly 230 million people, translating your documents into Portuguese is an inevitable step to conquer the Portuguese and Brazilian markets. Brazil, the seventh world economic power according to the IMF, offers many possibilities for economic partnership.

Also note that the Portuguese of Portugal and the Portuguese of Brazil are two languages that are distinct in accent, grammar and vocabulary. Some words are completely different in the two languages and only professional translators will be able to fully understand the cultural subtleties and dialectal differences.

Cultures Connection collaborates with many companies specialized in the electronics, environment, chemistry, automotive equipment, agri-food, tourism, retail and banking, and insurance sectors, where the translation of documents into Portuguese represents a strategic concern.

Are you looking for an English-Portuguese interpreter? A Portuguese-English interpreter? We offer customized, high quality, and competitively priced Portuguese translation solutions. The location of our branches, in particular our satellite office in Latin America (see our translation agency in Buenos Aires), has enabled us to build permanent relationships with qualified Portuguese translators. We offer Portuguese translations (European Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese) adapted to your requirements, timeline, and budget.

Our translation company collaborates with natives of Portugal and Brazil as well as Angola, Cape Verde and Mozambique. Our language experts must pass specialized translation tests before they can be added to our contacts list. They are required to have five years of professional experience and they work only into their native language, in accordance with the European regulations in force.

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