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Proofreading And Type setting

Novatia Translation services reflect the true meaning of your message.

We are experienced and detail-oriented proofreaders bring you peace of mind to your translations by paying meticulous attention to the linguistic, stylistic, and cultural aspects of text.

To provide such a work we have detail-oriented native proofreaders team that grasp subtleties of linguistic, stylistic, and cultural aspects, and will pay close attention to the source material to deliver a text free from typos, punctuation errors, awkward phrasing, poor word choice, improper formatting, and other errors or inaccuracies.

Customer documents are proofread and marked up using the ‘track changes’ function in Microsoft Word, which allows for the easy navigation of changes and comments. Our proofreaders include all modifications made to the original document, while also including comments and suggestions in the margins.

The final document you will receive will includes all this documentation, research, and reasoning behind the changes so it would clear to understand the changes.

Furthermore, we will provide the track of the changes made so everything can be easily traced down. In this manner the most thought through change, and the more miniscule correction can be easily backtracked, escalated, explained, and discuss.

The resulting document is one that meets your every requirement.

Novatia offers this service in two manners:

As part of all a complete project, since all project follow TEP (translation, editing, proofreading) process;
As a standing alone service for texts that have processed that have been adapted by a different source.


Get it right, first time

First impressions count. Having a great translation is only half the story in producing a foreign language brochure, website or even business card. The visual presentation is also important with many clients quick to make up their minds. The aesthetics of your translated publication can, and should, be every bit as refined as the English original.

Our in-house studio work with the widest range of foreign languages week in, week out. We understand how they work, know how to solve the inherent problems and avoid any pitfalls.

Our multilingual typesetting studio will ensure the right look, giving you great results and sparing any translation blushes.

Well written translations

We can typeset from a pre-exisitng translation or supply a professional translation and then typeset it.

As foreign language experts, we know that a successful translation pays attention to style, linguistic connotations and cultural appropriateness. WorldAccent employs only mother-tongue professional translators, selected according to their language skills, educational background, subject knowledge and experience.

We also offer a range of other language services including copywriting, proofreading and linguistic brand-name checks.

Translation typesetting expertise

Whether you need one word or a whole brochure, you can be confident of top quality foreign language typesetting delivered in a manner to suit you. Our multilingual typesetting service covers the globe: we haven’t yet found a language we can’t typesetting.

Some languages, such as Hindi, Arabic or Chinese, require expanded software or specialised plug-ins. Some languages may require expanded versions of fonts. Our vast library of multilingual fonts allows a great visual match every time. If hours have been spent perfecting your English brand identity based around the font DIN Light, isn’t it best if your Polish and Russian brochures use DIN Light too?

Having specialised in multilingual typesetting for over 25 years, we have built up an unbeatable stock of typefaces spanning the languages of the world. Our in-house studio are on hand from the start to advise below font for your document.

Delivered ready to print

Your typeset document will be supplied back to you in an easy to use format, such as a PDF for print or web. Alternatively we can supply translated typeset artwork with non-roman scriptsas outlined text to avoid any font problems. Small files can be provided via email, and larger ones via our high speed FTP or on CD or DVD. If you prefer, we can arrange the printing of your foreign language document too so you receive the finished product, delivered to your door.

We supply initial proofs for sign-off by yourself or an end-client as a matter of course. Our in-house studio is on hand to carry out any amendments rapidly and accurately.


We provide interpretation services for the following areas of application:

  • Conferences – this area of application is divided into two: the institutional and the local private markets. The institutional markets often require adaptation from various foreign languages into the interpreters’ mother tongue. The local private markets, on the other hand, require adaptation from one language to another.
  • Legal/court setting – this area is technical in nature and requires mastery of the subject as well as the languages involved. Interpretation in this area of application is utilised in judicial courts, during tribunals or legal proceedings. In this setting, the interpreter must be able to simultaneously process statements or the whole proceeding through electronic means for one or more people.
  • Escort/personal – otherwise known as liaison interpreting, interpretation services for this form of application requires the linguist to accompany a person or a group in a tour, a visit or a meeting.
  • Public service – this type of application requires a great deal of understanding of the target audience. An interpreter  must be conscious of a number of factors including emotional content, the state of the surroundings, the stress levels of the audience, and the relationship between the audience and the source.
  • Medical – this area of application usually takes place between a medical practitioner and a patient. A medical interpreter  must have a strong understanding of medicine and the other areas of expertise involved in the practice, as it involves serving both the caregiver and the patient.


Localization are the processes by which a product is brought over from one local market to another, making it as intuitive, expressive, and user-friendly that users from both markets will feel it if was native, and written from the ground up to them.

Cross-cultural awareness of traditions, costumes, and market effectiveness are all taken into account when making the decisions over the best way to localize a product.

Format, orthography, degree of expressiveness, plays on words, alliterations, user friendliness are elements that constantly influence each other to get the best, and most successful solution for a given local market.

An extensive knowledge of the online behaviours of users of both source and target markets will bring a new light over the shortcomings, and show the best and most well-fitting solutions for each local market.

We can proudly affirm that thanks to our globally localized team of experts we are able to apply this knowledge to practice and create a final result of the highest quality.

Novatia has extensive experience working on:

  • Bilingual and multilingual website translation.
  • New monolingual sites for the chosen local market.

Tailored solutions

We understand your needs and resources, and we take them into account to offer you the best fitting localization solution.

Thus we have solutions like Internationalization, which quickly identifies the variables of website susceptible to be changed during the localization process. This allows us to be able to launch your product in all the local markets you want all at once.

Our cross-cultural and international network of translators, programmers, marketers and writers will take on this point to localize your product to the markets of your choice.

Website localization is the process of converting a website’s format and content so it feels native to the targeted local user.

Thus our global team uses their socio-culture, political, and stylistic features of both cultures to transfer the intent of the original content and user interface while maintaining usability.

Benefits of a multilingual website

  •  Multilingual websites appear in better positions, and in more search engines. In fact, search engines and directories do not normally list a site that is not in the language of the user.
  •  Customers can effectively and instantly promote their brand by presenting products and services to the global market, and keeping the local feeling, thereby creating rapid brand recognition.
  •  Multilingual websites create an essential marketing tool for our customers. Because, according to research, users are 3 times more likely to purchase services and products when addressed in the native language.

An international advantage for our customers

Website translation and localization adapt content and format to the local language and culture of the market of the costumer’s choice.

Market research companies have found that costumer three times more willing to interact and engage with those sites which address them in their mother tongue.

Our localization team offers your products and services the key to the gates to the global market, making your users from around the world feel at home when visiting your website.

At Novatia, we help you strategize, create, and manage a website localization solution that meets your specific goals and challenges.

Our offer consists of a global proven operative model, and monitored global network of translators.

We assure the highest quality possible by only working with translators specialized in your company’s field, and connoisseurs, and natives of the local culture of your market’s choice.

Many companies rely on our cross-cultural understanding to make their products native to the local market of your choice, and transform their websites in a global gateway to your products and services.


Audio translation and transcription

Audio translation can encompass a large amount of translation projects, needs and requirements. Some audio translation is a simple voice over translation for something like e-learning materials, or an audio book translation and recording. Other types include audio transcription translation; when the source language is audio recorded, and the final delivery is a written document translation, transcribed from the audio recording. For example, sometimes clients will request Greek to English transcribed translation. In this case, the final delivered translation would be a Greek document translation of audio recording.


Audio translation, whether audio transcription translation, voice over translation, or other audio translation materials, are important for e-learning businesses, language learning software and online language e-learning sites, audio books, software with audio instructions, and many other business and service tools. To get a free quote for any audio translation, audio transcription translation, voice over or any other audio translation, simply send us your audio file .

A few examples of audio translations in some common languages are:

  • Voice over translation from English to Spanish for software audio instruction manuals, audio recordings for marketing and advertising translation, and much more.
  • Audio book translation from French to English, Russian literary translation for audio books, Spanish audio textbook translation, and other kinds of books.
  • Audio transcription from Russian to English for journalism and news translations, dubbed recording documents for films and commercials, and other important business tools.
  • Audio to audio translation – this is one of the most simple forms of audio translations; requiring a simple spoken translation of the source language to the target language. The final audio format or file type for delivery will vary from client to client.
  • Website audio translation for e-learning websites, instructional and tutorial website content, website localization with audio translation, and much more. Recently a client needed Arabic translation for audio recorded content on his e-learning site.

While we emphasize that we can provide any kind of professional document translation service, we can also provide audio language translation in nearly any language, or for any reason. With a network of over 5,000 translations with industry-specific translation experience, we continue to be a global leading translation company.


Professional IT Translations

IT development, implementation and upgrading is present in just about every business endeavor and professional platform, whether as a central or peripheral element.  The larger and farther reaching the company, the more crucial and reliant upon IT systems it is. With market and enterprise globalization expansion strategies etching closer and closer to becoming part of international business mainstream, demand for IT translation and IT systems localization has exponentially increased.

Translation and IT localization is one of the first services required when any enterprise expands globally. Networks and corporate systems, databases, network security and much more must all be translated and localized into the native language of those operating and managing any new branch, franchise, office – in a foreign territory.  Hundreds of thousands of enterprise operations and company headquarters pop up daily, in China, Japan, Russia, South America, and many other regions.

Novatia Translations has been one of the main players in the area of professional IT translation services, throughout Europe and the U.S. Our translators consistently re-educate themselves as necessary, in order to keep up with the demands of the ever-evolving, constantly progressing changes of information technology.  Whether you need software localization, IT engineering translation, database translation and localization, API translation, mobile app localization, or any other highly technical IT translation and localization service – our “translator techies” are ready for it.

Our clients range from multinational companies to small domestic businesses, and even startup entrepreneurs. Some of our clients order IT translation online, and other prefer to contact us personally

Our ability to guarantee high quality translations is, in part, due to a huge team of professional translators from all over the world. Our IT translators are personally selected by our project managers through a unique system that encourages quick, efficient, and yet thorough review, based upon parameters such as quality and skill level, background education and familiarity with technical IT translation services. Our methods ensure that each one of our clients receives not only the best IT translation experts we have, but at the lowest rate possible.

We truly value all of our clients, and want nothing more than to see them all successfully expand their enterprises and reach their professional goals, by providing the means and communication tools necessary to reach global markets and audiences.  Likewise, we also greatly value our translators, and hope you find them as proficient and invaluable as we do.



Engineering is by far one of the most commonly requested technical document translation requests we receive from an industry. There are many types of engineering document translations that are possible for any given project, but all of them require specific and sometimes extremely specialized translation skills. Novatia is happy to provide any kind of engineering translation and technical document translation within the engineering industry, with a network of over 5,000 translators in Africa for nearly any language.

Telecom translation is a frequently requested service under the engineering industry. We have performed everything from Russian telecom translation to Portuguese telecom translation, telecom and user interface document , German telecom document translation and much more. Because engineering and telecommunication translation is very technical, and requires extreme precision and accuracy, we assign only highly trained and experienced telecom translators for any telecom engineering translation. Aside from telecoms, we also provide engineering translation service for:

  • mechanical engineering translation
  • software engineering translation, IT engineering translations
  • mathematical engineering translation
  • telecommunications translation, Phis systems translation
  • industrial engineering translation, power plant and energy translation
  • operating manual translation, technical specifications translation

Low Translation Rates for Professional Engineering Document Translations

In addition to these services, we can provide any other kind of technical engineering, computer science, or information technology translation you need that falls under the engineering industry. We understand that your documents are extremely important, as is the accurate translation of anything you submit. We guarantee outstanding performed by engineering translators in any language, backed by proofreaders and project supervisors for every document, manual, packet, or software translation that we receive.

Novatia offers more than just excellent, high quality translation for engineering manuals, telecoms and documents. We also offer considerably lower translation service rates for engineering translation; rates and prices far more reasonable and affordable than other professional translation services. We provide the same accurate translation of technical documents as other professional engineering translation services do, while also giving you the option for the lowest translation costs you can find with any professional translation company.

Manufacturing translation


Get instant Automotive translation quote from the top menu!

Novatia is among the leading translation providers to automobile industries. We have been associated with a number of automobile companies and based on their requirements; we have been providing them ongoing or recurring translation services.

Automotive translation has its unique set of requirements. Just like other industries, content associated with the Automobile industry is filled with concepts and terms related to the business. Only translators who are familiar with such terms and have sufficient experience in automotive translation can ensure high quality and accurate translations.

Taking the above into account, Novatia offers automotive translation through its team of specialized automotive translators. Some of our projects within this industry have included –

  • Automobile Manuals Translation
  • Service Manuals Translation
  • Training Manual Translation
  • Product Packaging Translation
  • Marketing and Promotional Translation
  • Catalog Translation
  • Web site Translation

Novatia works on an automated process which ensures that all translations are assigned to a translator who can provide the optimal combination of reasonable price and high quality. You can be assured of the lowest document translation rates at Novatia. We also provide advanced quality assurance services. If your translation document is of a critical nature, we can get it proofread by a second translator whose expertise is at par with the original translator.

Technical and industry-Specific Translations

Technical and Industry-Specific Translation Services

Technical translation is the ponderous task of translating documents and material produced by technical writers. Text covered by this area of expertise includes owner’s manuals, legal disclaimers, user guides, and instructions for use of any product. Text that discusses technological concepts and documents that expound on scientific information are also considered technical writing. This field of expertise requires a particular skillset and knowledge.

Intimate understanding of the subject matter is needed to accurately adapt text within this area of application. It necessitates a strong command of specialised key terminology and lexes that are unique to the subject matter. As such it requires more than just accuracy, but familiarity with writing conventions.

We uphold strict quality standards for translation service

Here at Novatia Translation Services, we have a rigorous procedure of translating this nature of text from one language to another to ensure that nothing is lost nor misinterpreted in the process. We have a stringent Quality Assurance process in place to ensure that the work we produce meets the expectations of our clients in terms of quality and accuracy.

We have a team of professional technical translators, each of whom specialises in a particular subject matter. This allows us to assign tasks to the specific personnel who can most effectively work on the project in terms of efficiency and technical proficiency.

We deliver bespoke translation service

Our localization process includes adapting the different aspects of the language for the target audience including numbers, date formats, currencies, and industry-specific writing standards. We have expert proof readers and editors who are designated to check the material for any syntax or grammatical errors.

The final stage of our service involves client feedback and approval. This stage of the process allows us to gain valuable input from the client on the material. If there are stylistic preferences the client wants us to integrate into the text, we can make it happen before producing the final output.

If you want to know more about our technical translation services, please feel free to connect with us today. We have dedicated customer support personnel ready and waiting to take your calls.

Legal Translation Services

It is the inherent right of every human being to enjoy fair treatment and participation in legal and judicial settings. Essential to the practice of fair treatment and participation is ensuring that all parties involved in an arrangement have complete and absolute understanding of the facets that said arrangement entails.

This is particularly important in situations where the parties involved are of different native languages. It is important that written documents pertinent to the arrangement that are provided in one language are also translated into the languages of the other parties involved to ensure that participants are properly informed about the conditions and principles of the agreement.

We provide first-rate legal translation

To bridge the communication gap between parties in an agreement, it is important to employ professional legal translation. In an environment as culturally distinct as Nigeria, it is all the more important to have accurate legal translation services to rely on for all business matters.

It is a specially challenging task, as it requires a strong command and understanding of legal concepts and provisions in addition to mastery of the languages involved in the agreement. In an international environment, it is the safeguard upon which businesses and individuals can rely to protect their rights and their assets. With Novatia you can protect your interests with high quality legal translation services in Nigeria

Our brand of translation services in Nigeria.

With the services we provide, you can expect us to fulfil all the fundamentals of our practice including:

Clarity – we make sure to avoid mistranslation of any terms, provisions, or definitions within documents by working closely with all the parties in involved in the agreement. Through close collaboration, we ensure that meaning and context are not altered or lost in the process of translating the text to a particular language.

Attention to stylistic differences – we will strive to eliminate ambiguity and enforce consistency across the whole text, considering the stylistic diversity of languages.

Confidentiality – we will protect personal and corporate information you provide to us in the course of our services to ensure the safety of your interests.

Cultural sensitivity – Services must be conducted in adherence to the cultural precepts of the locality. We at Novatia are vigilant in achieving complete adaptation of text, including the proper spelling and chronology of terms

If you are looking for a company you can count on for adapting legal papers and documents, you can always turn to us. Please feel free to contact us today.

Financial Translations

Novatia Translations – Leading experts in translation of financial statements

Businesses are the lifeline of any economy. Without it, financial markets across the globe will crash and people would not have the means to meet their monetary needs.

As businesses expand across borders, partnerships between companies and global organisations have become more commonplace, both locally and internationally. Corporations continue to broaden their reach and target markets, which increases the need for communication and engagement among foreign business partners, investors, stakeholders, and clients.

The result of these economic movements is a smaller but more complex financial world. As institutions and people from different countries come together to do business, there arises a need for competent and professional financial translation services. This field requires the expertise of a translator, who should be accurate and thorough, as fiscal statements and documents hold crucial and sensitive information.

All text and details should be properly adapted to give foreign clients the assurance that you are well-qualified and competent as a business partner, a professional, or an investment proposition.

Here at Novatia, we have highly qualified and experienced translators who can provide consistent, precise, and on-time translation services. Our full-service company is equipped with the right personnel to provide you with accurate and faithful translation of fiscal documents and statements. We implement a structured process for services of this nature, to make sure that all vital information is protected and secured.

Financial translation service tailored to your specific business needs

Our team will sit down with you to discuss the specifics of the project, including the reasonable quote for the service we will provide. We have a project manager who will be liaising with you at this stage, in order to determine all the requirements for translating your financial statements and other relevant documents. Upon concluding the initial meeting, we will give you a projected timeline for the completion and delivery of all tasks, and we will clarify and address any questions you may have.

With an in-depth understanding of the subject matter, a certified linguist from our team will perform the translation of financial statements. The entire process is supervised by a quality manager to make sure standards for quality and accuracy are applied all throughout. Following that, a native speaker of the language will edit and proofread the translated text to pinpoint and correct any instance of inaccuracy, error, or miscommunication. With a streamlined and comprehensive process in place, our team is able to deliver accurately translated text that meets the requirements of our diverse clientele.

If you need more information on our work and services, please do not hesitate to contact us and talk to our team. We have dedicated customer support personnel who are waiting on the line to answer your queries.


Document Translation Service

With people or businesses widening their presence across all geographical boundaries, language barriers have reduced to minimal. With a wide range of our translation services, an entity or an individual can easily barricade the limits and plan to enter their desired geography. While entering any geography, translating set of documents is a necessity which is justified by our document translation services. Our service ensures we meet the culture and sentiments of the locals while securing accurate and timely delivery.

In today’s demand for internationalization, utilizing our professional document translation service will allow to efficiently do business in any language. This service covers various types of documents which are listed below:

           Types of documents
-Resume’s/CVs translation
For those who are relocating from one region to another will require translation of their resume/CV. Our service will not only translate the content and language, but also format it as per the target region.

-Personal Documents (Marriage Certificates, Will, Birth Certificate etc.)
With our unwavering commitment to loyalty and quality, all personal documents are translated fast and confidentially. We can translate all types, sizes, and formats of documents such as marriage certificates, personal will, birth certificates, and more.

-Academic Documents (College Applications, Certificates etc.)
With an ambition to study abroad, many students are indulging themselves into international education. Our service offers translations for journal articles/thesis/dissertations, course materials, presentations, and much more.

-Applications (Job Applications, College Applications)
Fast and accurate document translation service for college applications while applying abroad or job applications while applying in foreign countries. Our service ensures the required guidelines are followed for translations to be official.

-Letters /Notes
Business and financial letters are important in achieving a high-end output for the company. Our professional translators accustomed to financials and accounts ensure that the document is translated to the highest possible standard with linguistic accuracy and data security.

Generate articles in desired languages for making it available to a large number of people across the globe. Skilled translators with specialization in article translations ensure the quality and accuracy of the content.

A receipt is confirmation of a successful transaction, for instance, composed affirmation of the receipt of cash, or a thing of significant worth. It is crucial for any business to understand the content of the receipts as they are majorly in regional languages. Hence, we help our clients with precise translation of receipts in any language.

In today’s world, products are often marketed internationally and manuals have become a fundamental element. To reach clients in different languages, a qualified and well-experienced team of our translators will perform quality translations on manuals, guide books and handbooks.

For accurate book translation, our translators with knowledge of publishing process and target audiences devour the book and understand it completely to ensure highest standard of translations.

-Corporate Materials
The corporate image and success is determined by the quality of its business and commercial documents such as brochures, flyers, offers, letters, etc. Accurate translations of these corporate materials are critical for inter-regional business. Thus, our quality translation service ensures translation of all the essential messages in these documents

Research Translations

Market Research Translation

Novatia Translations provides market research translation services to companies both small and large that conduct research internationally and require both Survey Translation and Survey Comment Translation. Because we understand that translation is just one part of the projects you deliver to your end clients, we work hard to provide quick turnaround and flexibility without sacrificing quality.

Fast and Flexible Market Research Translation

Translation for the market research industry demands a high degree of flexibility. Timelines shift, “final” versions of the survey change at the last minute, and survey platforms and survey programming can present unique technical challenges to the translation process.

But the sooner your survey translations are delivered, the quicker you can get your survey out into the field and deliver global data and insights to your end client. That’s where we come in.

Through our many years of being a language service provider, we’ve not only developed unique technology, but also fine-tuned our methods to ensure we always provide our clients with speed and flexibility.

Survey Translation

We translate surveys from a number of formats with the express intent of retaining nuance and providing quick turnaround.

Survey Comment Translation

We use a number of approaches for the localization of open-ended survey responses, among which are verbatim translation and in-language coding.

Market Research Transcription

We provide transcription in a number of languages and use different approaches, such as naturalized or denaturalized transcription, depending on your objectives.


Agricultural research

Our agricultural translation service covers areas such as the following:

Agricultural Products

cereals, vegetables, fruits, meat, rice, maize, wheat, corn, soybeans, dairy

cotton, wool, hemp, silk, flax

methane, biomass, ethanol, bio-diesel

Raw materials:
lumber, bamboo

Tobacco, alcohol, opium, cocaine, digitalis

Biopharmaceuticals, bioplastics, nursery plants, flowers

Environmental & Ethical Issues:

Organic farming

Genetically Modified food, genetic engineering techniques

Fairtrade issues

Rainforest,   Climate Change

environmental awareness and stewardship

Greenhouse issues

GMO Research, Sustainable Agriculture

Soil conservation, Fertilizers, pesticides

Agricultural Processes

Agricultural processing

Farm equipment: trucks, tractors, combines

Insect and disease control

Animal and livestock husbandry

Fish-farming industry: aquaculture

Subsidies and policies

Forestry, Horticulture, Agribusiness,


Market reports, International Food Program

Common Agricultural Policy

Bio-tech industry

Weather reports


Clinical research

Clinical Document Translation must be both Medically Precise and Culturally Sensitive

CROs are conducting clinical trials worldwide on behalf of pharmaceutical companies. While this increases the patient pool, and the opportunity to get data from diverse ethnic backgrounds at a reduced cost, there is an accentuated need for accuracy in communication. This pertains not only to the word-for-word translations, but to the concepts of the diseases, side-effects and outcomes being discussed.

A large portion of the communication in the clinical trial process takes place between clinicians and patients. Depending on the study site and the level of literacy of the patients, the patient-facing materials must be translated to match their reading levels, and the cultural component is equally important. For instance, in a recent questionnaire, a patient in rural India was asked,

Has a partner become pregnant since your last study visit?

When this was presented to the patients, they were uncomfortable. The translation was 100% accurate. But the concept was not. In rural India it is relatively uncommon and improper to speak of impregnating a “partner.” It would have been more appropriate to say “wife” in this case.

Beyond Translation — Linguistic Validation and Cross-Cultural Adaptation of Clinical Instruments

In addition to clinical research translation, we also provide linguistic validation of Patient Reported Outcomes (PRO)—patient questionnaires used as clinical instruments and scales in the conduct of clinical trials of new drugs. Often CROs must perform back translation and reconciliation, cognitive debriefing and harmonization of the patient responses, so that the data is accurate and consistent across languages. It is crucial to have clean data for the purpose of the actual data analysis. Faulty or inaccurate translations can render the trial inadequate and the drug company loses time and potential revenue.

Our Medical Translators are also Clinicians

Language Scientific is a long-standing partner for Clinical Research Organizations. Our translators are handpicked doctors and clinicians who understand the content based on first hand interaction with patients locally. Our doctor translators are provided with training on the methodology of the clinical trial process and the end client’s requirements. Owing to a strict internal quality control protocol, we are able to provide a Certificate of Translation Accuracy with each project. Language Scientific’s unique methodology that clients depend on delivers consistently clear, accurate translation of high-value information.

The typical documents we translate for our Clinical Industry clients include:

  • Adverse Event Source Documents
  • Case Report Forms (CRFs)
  • Data Sheets
  • Development Safety Update Reports (DSURs)
  • Dossiers
  • Drug Registration Documentation
  • Endpoint Adjudication Documents
  • Informed Consent Forms
  • Insert Leaflets
  • Instructions for Use (IFUs)
  • Marketing Collateral
  • Master Batch Records
  • Package Inserts and Labels
  • Patient Diaries
  • Patient Recruitment Materials
  • Patient Reported Outcome Measures (PROMs)
  • Patient Source Documents, Admission and Discharge, Labs
  • Pharmacological Studies
  • Product Labels
  • QoL Scales
  • Regulatory Documents
  • Scientific Papers
  • Study Protocols
  • Suspected Unexpected Serious Adverse Reactions (SUSARs)
  • Toxicology Reports


Scientific research

Scientific progress all over the world can be significantly quickened if all important research papers, science journals and the like are available to scientists and researchers all over the world. Fortunately, scientific advances have not been limited to a few countries or languages, and one can get valuable scientific knowledge from almost any language in the world. But this also creates a barrier as most people are familiar with only a very limited number of languages.

Keeping the above truth in mind Novatia Translations started providing professional scientific translation services to its clients all over the world. If you are a French researcher who would like to publish his research paper in an American scientific journal do come to us, for we guarantee that your work would be translated accurately, and presented to your targeted American readers just the way you want.

We work with scientific translators who are highly qualified in various areas of science and a vast number of languages. Our translation professionals have been regularly working on translation projects with post graduates, researchers, doctors and other people associated with various areas of science to their complete satisfaction.

At Novatia Translations, we have made it our mission to make high quality translation services affordable to everybody who requires them. We have developed a unique business process which ensures that every scientific translation project is assigned to the translator who specializes in that area. Our innovative bid management system ensures that you are charged the most reasonable rates.

Medical Translations

“Top-notch Medical Translation Services”

Complex and specialized medical translation needs.

In the field of medical document translation, efficiency and quality are required in equal measure. One cannot merely sacrifice quality to meet the deadline of a project, as the text is material to life and health situations. At the same time, however, it is important to meet customer expectations when it comes to turnaround times, in consideration of limited client resources for the project.

Our medical translation company implements a comprehensive and strict process

There are a lot of important things to consider when translating content in this field of interest, such as the scope of the project, the language of the target audience, regulatory specifications, and the glossary of terms involved in the project. Localisation of the text also includes integration of local diacritical marks that are unique to the target language. The services of our translation company are designed to meet the specific needs of this area of application.

As a full-service medical translation company, we have professional medical translators in-house, with different areas of specialisations. By having different specialists, we are able to assign projects to the most capable and appropriate personnel, ensuring quality and efficiency in handling the project. In addition, we implement a multi-tiered quality assurance method to integrate proper composition styles and eliminate errors completely.

After we produce the initial translated copy, the document goes through a battery of editing and quality control processes to make sure that the original message and intent of the text remains intact. At times, the medical document may include an editorial review to check for any errors in accuracy and consistency. In special cases, we subject the text to an in-country review by a subject matter expert. The subject matter expert must have an intimate understanding of the central topic of the text and is a native speaker of the target language.

We provide medical document translation services for the following:

  • Instructions for use
  • Clinical trials
  • Data sheets
  • Production manuals
  • Quality of Life measures
  • Clinical protocols
  • Articles from scientific journals
  • Medical reports
  • Presentations

Marketing Translations

Cost-effective & Spot-on Marketing Translation Services

We focus on your message

Text created and designed for marketing purposes is intended to generate market impact and develop branding. Content aligned for marketing requires cultural sensitivity, as the purpose of the material is to connect with the consumer market and stir up interest for the product or service the client provides.

As such, translating promotional material also entails the same level of cultural sensitivity in order to maintain the intended intent and impact of the message. Novatia Translations employs a systematic approach when it comes to providing marketing translation services.

For targeted and custom translation, marketing experts recommend Novatia

First of all, as part of our services, we consult with our clients to determine their intended audience for the material. In this stage, we determine the style and tone of the text. Style and tone play an important role in delivering the message.

Unlike in other areas that require a more direct translation of terminologies, marketing translation involves a heightened sense of creativity. Materials of this nature occasionally incorporate wordplay, metaphors, and idioms that might need localization for the target audience.

Secondly, this area of application necessitates consistency in delivering the message. In the world of business, you differentiate yourself from the competition by creating a unique brand that reflects your company identity. Ensuring that the translated material is consistent with the identity of your brand is important for your target market to recognize your authenticity.

That is why we have structured a quality assurance protocol that is designed for us to meet the specific needs of our clients.

Exact translation solutions for a spot-on, successful marketing campaign

It starts off with the designation of the project to one of our expert in-house linguists. The original text is then given to the specialist language team of translators for translation. Marketing sense is necessary for this, as the translated material should convey the intended message.

To ensure the quality of the translated product, we assign the projects to native speakers who can competently adapt the text from the original to the target language.

The initial material is then subjected to a stringent series of proofreading procedures to ensure the accuracy and grammatical correctness of the text. It is then submitted for editing to make certain that the tone and voice of the original material is retained in the translated text. We then submit the content to the client for final approval.

For more information about our services, please feel free to contact us today. We have a team of dedicated customer support people who are ready to answer your questions.

Educational Translations

Novatia provides certificate translation services for those who are applying for jobs in foreign countries, or to get education in foreign universities. We frequently get certificate translation projects, for example for the Chinese people who are planning to work in Nigeria or vice versa.

Certificates are valuable documents, they are a proof of your qualifications and whether you are planning to further your education or your career, you might very well require a document translation service if your targeted educational institute or company is situated in a country where your native language is not spoken.

Keeping the value of a certificate in mind, you should ensure that it should be translated for the highest level of accuracy. Furthermore, it helps if the d translation is localized so that the targeted reader is able to understand it without any difficulty and any chances of misunderstanding are dispelled.

At Novatia, professional certificate translation is undertaken by native writers who have sufficient understanding of the local educational system and terminology, and can translate your diploma accurately to the targeted language. Since we operate online we have access to professional document translation service providers from all over the world. Hence we can provide Novatia translation services from almost any language to any other language.

We also guarantee low translation rates and fastest deliveries ensuring this through an intelligent bid management process and a unique business flow. If you need certificate translation service you can get to know your best translation rate by asking for a translation quote from the top menu. For further queries please get in touch with us through our contact form.


Novatia recognizes that there is a substantial requirement for textbook translations, considering that many important textbooks are available in a limited number of languages. This limits learning opportunities for people who need to refer to specific books which are unfortunately not available in the language they understand.  We have tried to bridge this gap by offering textbook translation services for a large number of fields and languages.

Our professional textbook translators’ team consists of language translation experts from a wide range of areas. We have also ensured a substantial presence of mother-language translators so that textbook translations across various languages have an authentic local flavor. This increases readability and aids understanding. At Novatia, we have spent a considerable amount of time and effort to develop a business process which ensures that every textbook translation project that comes at Novatia is awarded to the team of translators who can provide best results in that particular project.

Since we rely on a global pool of writers, we can provide textbook translation services between almost any pair of languages, moreover our unique bid management process ensures the most reasonable rates for every translation.

We have already undertaken numerous textbook translation projects in the following areas-

  • Sciences,
  • Medicine,
  • Psychology and
  • Engineering among many others.

Business Translations

A company brochure is a significant document which is used by companies of all kinds as an advertising and informational tool. It is generally used to promote products, services, or events. Typically company brochures are printed on high quality paper, and presented with colorful images and interesting text in a booklet form or single sheets. They serve as a very effective marketing tool.

In today’s highly competitive age, business organizations need to expand their services to maintain and increase their profitability. The proliferation of the Internet has been a blessing as it has significantly simplified the process of reaching out to customers across the globe.

However, even if a company gets the most attractive and effective brochure made for promotional purposes, it would not have any effect on the targeted customer if he or she does not understand it. To make it short, a brochure needs to be in the language which the targeted customer understands.

But an ordinary translation would not do any justice to it because though brochures are essentially commercial documents; they are also works of art. They need to be appealing and creative in order to capture the attention of the targeted customer. This is why brochure translations need professional translators with substantial experience in the area who would ensure that along with the information the tone and style of the brochure is also translated as intended originally.


When attempting to reach out to new customers, handing them a leaflet or small booklet is a great way to leave them with information about your business, presented in a concise and appealing manner. If your business regularly attends large events, such as trade shows or conferences, having a professionally produced and succinct flyer can drive a considerable amount of new custom to your company. Needless to say, the effectiveness of your business’ leaflet, flyer or booklet will depend on how readable it is for potential customers, and when your readers’ native language is different to that of your leaflet, then it’s time to consider translating it into your readers’ native language.

At Novatia Translations, we understand the importance of being able to convey a significant amount of information in a brief and pleasing way, and we reflect this when producing professional translations of leaflets, flyers and booklets. Great care is taken to match a knowledgeable translator to a specific translation, and because our translators have a native-speaking ability, then you can expect an authentic representation of your flyer in the target text. We also take care to ensure that the text will still fit onto your leaflet, flyer or booklet, and we offer an additional desktop publishing service for clients who wish to leave everything to us.

So if you’re looking for a translation of a leaflet, flyer or booklet, but sure to get in touch with a member of our team for a quick reply and quotation.



Want an instant product catalog translation quote? Get it now from the top menu!

Businesses and economies all over the world are driven by their services and products. It is critical that information regarding products and services reaches the target customers. Furthermore they should be able to understand it, as well as realize how it would benefit them. This is the most important tool for persuading potential customers to buy a specific product or service.

This is where product catalogs come into play. They mention various products along with the description and required details which help the potential customer form an idea about how a product could benefit them. But in this age where globalization is the mantra, reaching out to clients in foreign countries can open up huge business opportunities. This is why business owners who believe that their products can be sold in foreign countries should conduct appropriate research and identify those countries. Apart from many other arrangements that have to be made to get the international business rolling, business owners would also have to get their product catalog translated to the language spoken in the target country.

Product catalog translation should be undertaken only by professional translators who are intimately familiar with the language and culture of the target country. This ensures that the translations are rendered authentically and received well by targeted customers.

We provide professional product translation services for a wide variety of languages, and across diverse fields and industries. We work with native language translators to ensure that the translated product catalogs convey the impression and meaning that had been originally planned for them. Our professional product translators possess significant experience in this area and they have consistently delighted our clients with the quality of their translations.

Novatia believes in making top quality professional translation services affordable to everyone who requires them. This is why we work with professional translators from all over the world within a system which awards projects to the most suitable translators working for low rates. So if you entrust us with a product catalog translation project you can take for granted at least three things – you will get the highest quality translation, charges will be low and the translations would be completed quickly.

So if you have any product catalog to be translated, you can give us the opportunity to do it for you and we promise you will never entrust your translation projects to anyone else ever. You can make a beginning by using the top menu to get your best document translation quote with no strings attached.



Nowadays companies are increasingly spreading their wings to establish their presence in foreign countries, and/or providing services to people whose native language is not same as the main language used by the company. This necessitates the translation of various documents, including presentations to the target population’s language in order to facilitate transfer of knowledge and other organizational activities smoothly.

Microsoft PowerPoint has become one of the most useful and oft needed tools for business and academic work among others. Business organizations use power point presentations all the time for various requirements like Sales and Marketing activities, Business meeting and Seminars.

Novatia has been providing professional presentation translations through qualified and experienced translation providers who translate on PowerPoint and deliver the translated version of the original presentation in powerpoint itself. You just have to upload the original powerpoint presentation at Novatia and place your order. We will deliver you the PowerPoint translation within the specified time.

Novatia also guarantees you the best translation rates because with the help of our unique and highly automated business process we are able to get the most suitable professional translator who could provide you with a high quality presentation translation for the best rate.



Relocating to a foreign area or an area with a language other than your native tongue requires a job search, whether before or after the relocation. For a client moving from Greece to Los Angeles, our services are required for Greek to English translation of his resume, not only for the content and language, but also in order to re-format it appropriately for U.S. job markets.

Clients depend upon us for professional business translation in regards to their resumes and work history documents, because formats of these documents vary. An American resume format is different than the format in a French or Chinese translation of that same resume, or the resume formats of any other applicable foreign language. Headings and dates are arranged differently, as well as order of content. This much is true even within different English speaking countries, such as the UK, New Zealand and the U.S.

Proper, professional resume translation and resume formatting should be provided only by professional translators with this experience and knowledge. Our translators have provided hundreds of resume translations in numerous language pairs. This expertise and knowledge is required in order to know exactly how each individual culture and language varies in resume and CV translations in regards to format, required or recommended content, job history, personal information, and more.



For a client requesting Greek to English translation, or any other language for resume translation, there are things to consider such as localization of work position titles and terminology, from Greek culture to the culture of American job markets, and even more specifically, Los Angeles. This is true for any language, including French, German, Russian, Japanese, etc. What may be known as “Business Administrator for Public Board of Officers” in the American job market, may have a completely different term for the same position in the French translation of it, such as “Manager of Business Affairs for Appointed Community Members,” or whatever it may be. These things may seem nit-picky and inconsequential, but in order to be represented properly, these details can make all the difference in a Greek to English translation of a CV or resume.

For anyone seeking a resume or CV translation, from or into any of the 40+ languages we offer, simply upload your resume  and choose your language from the pull-down menu. You’ll be provided with an instant estimate of our extremely low translation rates and service costs. This convenient and fast quote service makes it easy to find out the rate on something relatively simple like a resume.

Personal Translations

Diaries and personal journals have been maintained by human beings since time immemorial. Most of us have a natural tendency to make notes of our lives for future remembrance, those who do not write personal journals or diaries take the alternative route of capturing memorable moments with photographs.

Diaries can be of intimate and personal nature, as well as contain information that would be useful to many people other than the writer. There are people who write diaries about their business lives, inventors keep a journal of their activities, and scientists may record an overview of their day to day research and experimentation. These kinds of diaries can be very useful to a wide variety of people, and they might very well include those who do not understand the language in which the diary is written.

At Novatia translations, we started receiving requests for diary translation projects many years back, now these translation jobs where about private diaries, as well as diaries of a more public nature. Consequently, we developed a team of trusted language translation experts who would work according to each client’s unique specifications, and keep the contents of the project confidential.

We aim to provide you with world class document translation services for desirable low rates.


Twitter has come a long way from its inception. What started out as a simple micro-blogging tool is now being used by people ranging from the regular Joe next door to the President of the United States. Throw in business organizations from the small startup ventures to huge conglomerates having presence in multiple continents in between.

So it makes sense to incorporate the power of Twitter into your marketing strategy. However if you are someone who requires translation services (which is why you are on this site in the first place) then you might seriously consider getting professional twitter translation services. Novatia has been providing Twitter translation services to a wide range of companies on a regular basis. We assign dedicated professional language translation providers for Twitter translation projects.

Since we are an online translation services provider we have access to professional translation providers from all over the world. We are in the position to offer professional tweets translation in almost any language pair required. We offer high quality and fast translation services, hence you can expect your tweets to be translated into almost any language you require and delivered in the shortest possible time.

Novatia not only provides high quality translation services through professional translation providers, we also work for very reasonable translation rates. Our global pool of professional translators combined with our unique and highly automated business flow helps us achieve a desirable combination high quality at low cost.

We also provide services tailored to specific requirements of our clients. If you would like to know more about that or have any other questions, please feel free to contact us using our contact form. On the other hand if you are interested in entrusting us with your Twitter translation project please use the top menu to get your free instant translation quote.



Want an instant LETTER translation quote? Get it now from the top menu!

Letters are an important way to reach out to personal contacts across the world. No matter what country the person you want to reach is in, you want your letter to be as grammatically correct and word-perfect as possible. This can be difficult to achieve if the person you are writing to does not speak your native language.

Novatia Translations has experience of translating countless personal letters on behalf of clients from around the world. We know that good grammar and careful phrasing will make all the difference to your letter. Whether you are writing to a new contact or an old acquaintance, your letters need to be accurate and well crafted.

Our highly skilled team of professional translators has just one goal in mind – to ensure that your letters are translated to the highest possible standard. This means not only linguistic accuracy, but an efficient and cost effective service from start to finish.


As we maintain a global network of translators and support staff, we can handle your letter translation needs, no matter what time of day or night. Our low-cost letter translation rates help personal and business customers across the world.



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