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Modern Russia is a destination for global business and academic pursuit, but in order to capitalise on opportunities within the vast country and other Russian-speaking states, accurate and reliable translation is essential. Novatia translations Limited can provide this capability for you, cost-effectively, around the clock.

Many of our native-speaking Russian translators are specialists with experience within particular industries, so we can find the perfect match for your needs. We regularly provide Russian translations for companies working in law, medicine, technology, IT and other sectors. We can also provide specialist interpreters for meetings and conferences.

English – Russian translation

Unlike other European languages which share more common heritage with English, Russian has its own alphabet, making it more difficult for casual translation. For companies from the Nigeria, west Africa and other Western countries, the use of professional Russian translators are recommended for both documents and meetings.

Novatia Translations Limited has been providing translation to Russian and other languages for years, and we use only native-speaking  Russian translators. Because they have a deep understanding of Russian culture and idioms, they can help ensure that your messages are translated effectively at all levels, and help you to better understand your overseas counterparts.


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Russian document translation

We can provide Russian to English and English to Russian translations of most types of documents, including:

-Russian Business documents and reports

– Russian Technical documents and manuals

– Russian Medical research documents

– Russian Legal documents

-Russian Medical documents

-Russian Marketing materials

– Russian Web content and software

Any Kind of Russian Translation Service You Need

Russian to English translated documents are a bit harder to come by than perhaps something like Spanish to English. This is because it is less common for a native English speaker to speak Russian fluently, primarily because Russian is a difficult language to learn and speak fluently. This is why Russian-English translators at are so valuable, and why so many of our clients return to us for necessary translations from Russian to English. Our recent Russian translations have included technical Russian translation for a telecom company, Russian to English audio transcription, Russian to English birth certificate translation, and Russian website translation, to name just a few of the Russian translation services we’ve provided to our clients.

If you need any kind of Russian financial document translation, Russian legal translation, Russian medical or pharmaceutical translation, or any other kind, our industry-specific skilled translators will provide you with fast turnaround translations and always at the lowest translation cost possible. Our translation rates are often at least 50% less than most other online translation services, making us the most practical choice for any professional Russian translation.


The Russian language is one of the most developed and richest languages of the world. Those involved in English to Russian translation work should be aware of the various features of the language. Russian language is characterized by an unusually rich vocabulary, a variety of stylistic elements and significantly plastic grammar forms, which are probably one of the most complicated as well.  Russian language translators can look forward to great business if they can master this difficult language.

the grammar…

The complication of Russian grammar can be well illustrated from the fact that it can be taught for several years and still not be understood completely. Russian grammar combines difficult concepts of the past, present and future tenses in which the endings of words might change frequently. It also includes complex punctuation, and words with masculine or feminine gender. At present there are around 300 million Russian speakers, out of which over fifty percent claim to identify the language as their mother tongue. This places the Russian language fifth in terms of global popularity.

the dialects…

The Russian language can be divided into two major groups; they are the North and South dialects. Each of these dialects is characterized by a specific isogloss. Those who speak in the North Russian dialect emphasize the letter ‘O’ while people speaking the South Russian dialect put an emphasis on the letter ‘A’. North Russian speakers also talk relatively faster than South Russian speakers. The effect of these differences in daily life is that the North Russian dialect speakers might not be able to understand some of the words spoken by the South Russian dialect speakers and vice-versa. Another dialect that has emerged in modern Russia is known as the ‘Moscow dialect’.

the alphabet…the words

Coming to the basics, which English to Russian language translation experts should be aware of are, Russian alphabet comprises of 33 letters. These letters are classified into 10 vowels, 21 consonants and 2 mute letters. The ‘mute letters’ are an interesting facet of Russian language; there is no word in Russian that starts with these two letters. Instead they are just used to denote the sounds of certain words. Coming to words, there are quite a few puzzling ones in the Russian vocabulary; the meanings of these words can vary across different contexts.

the challenges…

Russian language translation experts all over the world face similar problems while ensuring high quality translations. Technical knowledge of the language, however comprehensive it might be, is never enough.  One might have an excellent knowledge of grammar, vocabulary and even the slang used in Russian language or be a native Russian language translator, one can still fall short when it comes to making the perfect translation. Though expertise in the aforementioned areas is vital, one must combine it with a proper understanding of the cultural context. This means having a clear understanding of the terms and phrases that are apt for particular English to Russian translation situations.

All this requires a professional English-Russian translation expert to get immersed in both the languages, to ensure perfect translations.