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Text created and designed for marketing purposes is intended to generate market impact and develop branding. Content aligned for marketing requires cultural sensitivity, as the purpose of the material is to connect with the consumer market and stir up interest for the product or service the client provides.

As such, translating promotional material also entails the same level of cultural sensitivity in order to maintain the intended intent and impact of the message. Novatia Translations employs a systematic approach when it comes to providing marketing translation services.

For targeted and custom translation, marketing experts recommend Novatia

First of all, as part of our services, we consult with our clients to determine their intended audience for the material. In this stage, we determine the style and tone of the text. Style and tone play an important role in delivering the message.

Unlike in other areas that require a more direct translation of terminologies, marketing translation involves a heightened sense of creativity. Materials of this nature occasionally incorporate wordplay, metaphors, and idioms that might need localization for the target audience.

Secondly, this area of application necessitates consistency in delivering the message. In the world of business, you differentiate yourself from the competition by creating a unique brand that reflects your company identity. Ensuring that the translated material is consistent with the identity of your brand is important for your target market to recognize your authenticity.

That is why we have structured a quality assurance protocol that is designed for us to meet the specific needs of our clients.

Exact translation solutions for a spot-on, successful marketing campaign

It starts off with the designation of the project to one of our expert in-house linguists. The original text is then given to the specialist language team of translators for translation. Marketing sense is necessary for this, as the translated material should convey the intended message.

To ensure the quality of the translated product, we assign the projects to native speakers who can competently adapt the text from the original to the target language.

The initial material is then subjected to a stringent series of proofreading procedures to ensure the accuracy and grammatical correctness of the text. It is then submitted for editing to make certain that the tone and voice of the original material is retained in the translated text. We then submit the content to the client for final approval.

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