Spanish Document Translation Services in Lagos


There are two types of Spanish document translation services in Lagos;

  1. Sworn translation by sworn Spanish translators in Spain
  2. Certified Spanish translations done by a Nigeria Company.
  3. Notarized Spanish documents

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In Spanish, the official translator figure is called a traductor jurado (translated as ‘sworn translator’, although ‘official translator’ might be more meaningful).

An official translator must be fully certified by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which confirms they have the legal capacity to translate from one foreign language into another foreign language, as well as to certify that the translation is accurate.


At Novatia translations limited, we have freelance sworn translators  in Spain: Barcelona, Madrid and so on. We provide the highest form of Spanish document translation services in Lagos. Looking for reputable Spanish translation services in Lagos, Look no further than Novatia translations.

A translation can be considered officially certified if the document has been translated by a “sworn translator”. There are some countries such as Spain, France or the Netherlands, where a translator becomes a sworn translator by taking an oath before a court, so that his or her translations are accepted as a full and faithful version of the original and in accordance with legal requirements. These translations also include the translator’s signature and seal. In countries such as the UK or the USA, this does not exist. Here, a translation can be certified if it has been signed by the translator in the presence of a solicitor or notary; however, the solicitor or notary does not guarantee the accuracy of the document, instead the translator who signs it assumes all responsibility. For instance, if a document has been carelessly translated, the translator could be charged with contempt of court, perjury or negligence.

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