Sworn and Certified French document translation services in Lagos

Sworn and certified French Document translation services in Lagos

Our french translators are here at Novatia translations NG to help meet your French document translation needs in Lagos. Whatever your language requirements in Lagos, our french translators can meet your need. We cover a huge number of specialist industries and provide interpreters experienced in all manner of contexts, from business meetings to international conferences, from factory visits to court and deposition work.

French Document Translation Services in Lagos

We provide french document translation services in Lagos, which involves translation of document from English to French  and translation of documents from French to English.

Looking to translate french documents in Lagos, we provide  french document translation services in Lagos. We are trusted French translation services in Lagos.

Professional French Translation Services in Lagos

The need for a professional French translation is commonplace for many businesses in Lagos at present. French is spoken in 33 countries as the official or an official language. It is the official and trade language for countries. In many countries, although it is not an official language, it also plays an important role as an administrative, commercial or international language. It is therefore no surprise that an accomplished French translator is essential to any business requiring French language translation. French is one of the official working languages in dozens of international organisations, including the United Nations which has used our French translation company to translate some of their publications and information guides.

Whether you have a single page or a thick user manual, a persuasive presentation for a conference, or any other technical material, Frenchside Translations service will provide you with the best French/ English translation service by responding quickly to your request for quote, respecting the agreed deadline and producing the high-quality work you demand. Our experienced translators are specialized in their fields, so that they can provide the best translation from English to French to reach and represent the target market of your document.

From clients already working in the global market to clients planning to reach the international arena, our translation services  will make your customers feel as though your message was originally written in their language.



Lagos, city and chief port, Lagos stateNigeria. Until 1975 it was the capital of Lagos state, and until December 1991 it was the federal capital of Nigeria. Ikeja replaced Lagos as the state capital, and Abuja replaced Lagos as the federal capital. Lagos, however, remained the unofficial seat of many government agencies. The city’s population is centred on Lagos Island, in Lagos Lagoon, on the Bight of Benin in the Gulf of Guinea. Lagos is Nigeria’s largest city and one of the largest in sub-Saharan Africa.

By the late 15th century Lagos Island had been settled by Yoruba fishermen and hunters, who called it Oko. The area was dominated by the kingdom of Benin, which called it Eko, from the late 16th century to the mid-19th century.

The Portuguese first landed on Lagos Island in 1472. Trade developed slowly, however, until the Portuguese were granted a series of asientos de negros—monopolies to sell slaves in the Spanish Americas—a century later. The local obas (kings) enjoyed good relations with the Portuguese, who called the island Onim (and later Lagos) and established a flourishing slave trade. (See also transatlantic slave trade.) British attempts to suppress the slave trade culminated in 1851 in a naval attack on Lagos and the deposition of the oba. The slave trade continued, however, until Lagos came under British control in 1861.