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According to the Babbel Magazine, the Polish language belongs to the Slavic language family, which is the third-largest language family in Europe behind the Romance languages and the Germanic languages. All of these language families descend from proto-Indo-European, and they’ve continued to splinter over time.

The Polish language is centered almost entirely around Poland, where it’s the official language. Surrounding countries including the Czech Republic, Belarus, Ukraine, Lithuania, Hungary and Slovakia also have sizable Polish minorities, Polish continued to develop as Poland’s influence grew, and by 1500, it had become a lingua franca in many parts of Europe.

Also history has it that, one count of Polish speakers equates to about 40,265,000 worldwide. A massive percentage of that comes from Poland, where pretty much all of the 38 million people in the population speak Polish. Of them, 36.5 million speak Polish natively, it is said to be the 9th largest country in Europe.

The importance of polish as a language has led a number of colleges and universities in the United States to offer Polish language as an undergraduate major. It might also be offered as a minor area of study for students pursuing undergraduate or graduate degrees in related subjects, such as Slavic literature, history or linguistics.

It also interest you to know that not only that the polish language is learned or studied  but even the translation skills are acquired as well, Students pursuing a master’s degree in translation are taught how to translate the written word while learning about the cultures of the people who speak the translated languages.

From the above, one can rightly say that the Importance of polish translation in Nigeria cannot be over emphasize, even though it is said to be one of the most difficult language in the world, yet there is a high demand of request for polish translations in Nigeria either from English to Polish or Polish to English as the case may be from prospective Nigerians travelling to polish speaking countries.

Today, with even the smallest enterprise potentially serving a global client base, the need to communicate across languages and cultures is growing rapidly. However, cross-context communication is hard and costly. Unless great care is taken, many things can be lost in translation due to translation errors. The costs of translation failures are often more than just financial. Miscommunication can lead to loss of reputation, legal exposure, physical harm, or even industrial disasters, in order to avoid all these during documents translations, there is a need to get a reputable translation companies who can provide you with a clear, accurate and effective translations services like Novatia Translations NG.

The need for translation services in Nigeria keep increasing over time, this is as a result of many companies who spend significant resources to ensure effective communication within their networks of agents, partners, customers, and government agencies around the world, even the need for people going for studies in Poland  and other polish speaking countries has given rise to documents translation in polish language as it can further facilitate the need to accurately share information between and among diverse trading partners around the world.

The translation services have come to stay as the world will always need translations services and it always will be.  In fact, while many industries slid on a downward spiral during the most recent recession, there was one that was hardly affected which is the translation Industry.  Of course, no industry can be totally recession-proof, but the translation (and interpretation) services industry is just one that is virtually immune to recession ills.  In fact, year-over-year, the translation market has been steadily increasing.

According to careerBuilder.com, the translation and interpretation services industry is expected to add about 12,400 jobs by 2019, a 36% increase. From all these, one can rightly say that no matter the document meant for translations, be it Polish language or any other language, quality translations help companies or individual to enter the global market to look more polished, which can also help to avoid embarrassing gaffes and the dreaded international “advertising fail. Hence no matter the state of the economy, no matter how small or heterogeneous the world gets, we still need to communicate with one another. As long as there are languages mingling on the world stage, there will be translation services.