We are Novatia translations, we provide sworn Russian document translation services, certified document translation services and notarized Russian document translation services.

Since the establishment of Diplomatic relations between Nigeria and the Soviet Union on 25 November 1960, there have been friendly relations and partnership between the Russian Federation and the Federal Republic of Nigeria. The diplomatic relations fostered friendly relations and communications between the Citizens of these Countries on different levels. Business visits, Tourism, Education and even immigration created the need for travel between these States. Thus, in order to solve the problem of communication which may consequently arise, It is required that the related Official documents of a person be translated into the Official language of the intended Country of visitation. What is a Document translation?

A document translation is the professional translation of one language into another. Professional translators translate documents to and from English into any other language that may be required to reach your target audience. A translation can be applied to any form of document, whether it is a tangible document such as letters and manuals or some form of media such as websites, audio recordings, video recordings or emails.


The document translation can be used in different sectors like Business, Finance, IT, Telecom, Engineering, Pharmacy, Oil and Gas, and all other sectors.


Translation of documentation is required when there is something to be described, instructed, regulated, patented, presented, reported, or certified. So, if you have a patent, diploma, marriage certificate, passport, court proceedings report, a claim or any other legal document the legal document translation services will be required.


Do you have a contract, marketing evaluation report, brand promotion text, or sales report?  You will need a business document translation services for your needs.


For documents reporting the diagnosis of a person or describing the patient treatment procedure or healthcare program the medical document translation service is required.


Do you have documents for translation from English to Russian on engineering, technology, science, or construction?  The technical document translation will be required. There are many more areas and document translation sectors where document translation can be used. It could be for travelling purposes or educational purposes.


Certified Russian translation service – You’ll generally need this level of service if your translation is to be used by a formal non-governmental organization, such as a university, employer or insurance provider,

Notarized Russian translation service – Formal government organizations (except the Home Office) and legal bodies usually require a notarized translation. Notarization is a more formal process than certification, and verifies the authenticity of the translation.

Legal Russian translation/apostille – An apostille is a certificate authenticating the origin of a public document, issued by an authority designated by the country where the document was issued.

Sworn Russian Translation services – A sworn translation may be necessary for official documents intended to be used abroad in a court of law



What benefits come with our translation services?

Resources: When you employ the services of Novatia Translations Limited, you are able to access a huge pool of highly experienced professional linguists. We have expert translators who specialize in certain fields such as legal, marketing, website content, or medical translations and have the expertise and extensive knowledge about our customer base and market.

Efficiency: Often, text that needs to be translated into a new language must be done so by a certain time. Working with our Team allows you to have peace of mind knowing that everything will be translated in an efficient manner, and you won’t have to worry about the translated documents being late or not delivered by the deadline.

An Extensive Understanding of The Language: While far too many companies and organizations make the mistake on relying on an amateur bilingual or a machine to do their translating work, it doesn’t have to be that way and it shouldn’t. With poor translation services, you are putting yourself at a huge risk for ending up with a poorly done project. Often times, when relying on a machine for translation, the language will not be translated correctly, hence making it difficult or impossible for your target audience to understand your message. When you hire us, you are avoiding this detrimental mistake and you are able to confidently know that your documents are translated correctly.

Accuracy: This is somewhat related to the aforementioned point, however it merits its own paragraph. Accuracy is something that cannot be gambled when it comes to translating medical text, legal text, marketing text, or any other kind of text. We don’t just translate the language, we make sure that everything is written correctly in regards to punctuation, grammar, spelling, symbols, and other factors.

Cultural Understanding: A truly exceptional professional translator is not just bilingual or a linguist. We have all of the necessary characteristics and skills needed to translate well in addition to a thorough understanding of the cultural differences that go along with the language. Typically, our team of translators are native speakers of the language they are translating your text to, therefore they have a comprehensive knowledge of all cultural differences and will bear those in mind when translating.

Our team prides herself in her authenticity, reliability, confidentiality, efficiency and a fair pricing System. Possessing the necessary information about translation, we pay attention to details and we understand how necessary it is to convey the content of the documents to be translated. Novatia Translations Limited guarantees the best of services offered and we ensure that we handle your business properly.

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