Ukrainian Language is the official language of Ukraine and also spoken in Ukrainian communities such as; KazakhstanMoldovaPolandRomaniaLithuania, and Slovakia . It was formerly called Ruthenian or Little Russian and is closely related to Russian and Belarusian, from which it was indistinguishable until the 12th or 13th century. Ukrainian resembles Russian less closely than does Belarusian, though all three languages are in part mutually intelligible. Just as in English language, the most used alphabet is the letter “e” so also the most used letter in the Ukrainian language is “п” (p), which noticeably begins most Ukrainian words.


It is said that it is impossible to count the exact number of words in a language. But it is possible to determine the approximate number. The modern Ukrainian language has 256,000+ words according to a Ukrainian dictionary created by the Ukrainian Lingua-Information Fund of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.

The Ukrainian language has many regional variations, most of which are a result of outside influence from Russia, Poland, Hungary and more. It is also known to have so many synonyms which some claim, that are over 5 million. In contrast to English, these variations make the Ukrainian language difficult to manage using Quality Assurance tools. As a matter of fact, it ends up causing misunderstandings because English sentences are linked together by prepositions. In Ukrainian, the grammatical rules are not strict and this results to linking words in any sequence. To explain further, in English one can say ‘She accepted the job offer’ but cannot say, ‘Job offer accepted She’ or ‘Accepted She the job offer’ but in Ukrainian, any of these variations is valid since every word has an ending that still preserves the meaning. Ukrainian sentences use specific endings to link the words, so you can arrange most parts of the sentence in any sequence and the sentence will still be grammatically correct. This possible, because of the multiple variations of each Ukrainian word as mentioned earlier.

The demand for translation to and from Ukrainian has gone up since the breakup of the Soviet Union. The most popular in Nigeria is the translation of documents which are necessary for obtaining citizenship or residence permit as well as for Educational purposes such as; Birth certificate, Police character report, educational certificates, etc. In these translations, it is mostly required that certified translation of documents be provided. Novatia Translations is ready to render services of certified translation of any documents to and from Ukrainian.

The complexity of translations to and from is because of the variations as well as the great number of lexical and grammatical units which are similar in form but different in content.

Some other peculiarities of Ukrainian document Translation services include:

  • Ukrainian translation cannot be done by breaking the source language (e.g. English Language) apart and translating them separately. This is because, as mentioned above, the sequence of word in Ukrainian can be changed without breaking grammatical rules however, factors such as tone or mood can be changed by simply swapping words.
  • It is important to provide reference materials or explain the context of texts so as to ensure that meaning of texts are not lost in the translation.
  • The rules governing punctuation marks and symbols for Ukrainian are different from English. For example, colons are never used for Titles in Ukrainian also the dollar sign is used after the figure and not before as seen in English.
  • In comparison to English which has about 4.2 symbols, the average Ukrainian word contains about 7.9 symbols which when translated increases by about 20% although some sentences might be more.

Because of these peculiarities, people are advised to translate their documents to and from Ukrainian using qualified translation agencies or Certified translators who are natives of the language.

Our innovative and efficient translation platform enables us to provide our customers with solutions to their Ukrainian translation needs at all times. No matter the quantity of the translation request, Novatia Translations guarantees high-quality work, fast and at competitive rates.

Types of Ukrainian Document translation services

  • Sworn Ukrainian document translation services
  • Certified Ukrainian document translation services
  • Notarized Ukrainian document translation services

Depending on the intended use of the document Novatia translation is always at hand to translation your documents.

Our translation includes:

  • English – Ukrainian document translation services
  • Ukrainian – English document translation services