Technical and industry-Specific Translation services


Technical translation is the ponderous task of translating documents and material produced by technical writers. Text covered by this area of expertise includes owner’s manuals, legal disclaimers, user guides, and instructions for use of any product. Text that discusses technological concepts and documents that expound on scientific information are also considered technical writing. This field of expertise requires a particular skillset and knowledge.

Intimate understanding of the subject matter is needed to accurately adapt text within this area of application. It necessitates a strong command of specialised key terminology and lexes that are unique to the subject matter. As such it requires more than just accuracy, but familiarity with writing conventions.

We uphold strict quality standards for translation service

Here at Novatia Translation Services, we have a rigorous procedure of translating this nature of text from one language to another to ensure that nothing is lost nor misinterpreted in the process. We have a stringent Quality Assurance process in place to ensure that the work we produce meets the expectations of our clients in terms of quality and accuracy.

We have a team of professional technical translators, each of whom specialises in a particular subject matter. This allows us to assign tasks to the specific personnel who can most effectively work on the project in terms of efficiency and technical proficiency.

We deliver bespoke translation service

Our localization process includes adapting the different aspects of the language for the target audience including numbers, date formats, currencies, and industry-specific writing standards. We have expert proof readers and editors who are designated to check the material for any syntax or grammatical errors.

The final stage of our service involves client feedback and approval. This stage of the process allows us to gain valuable input from the client on the material. If there are stylistic preferences the client wants us to integrate into the text, we can make it happen before producing the final output.