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Top on the list of translation companies in Adamawa is Novatia translations limited. Searching the list of translation companies in Adamawa? Translation companies in Adamawa are language service providers in Adamawa.  On the top of translation companies in Adamawa is Novatia translations limited.

What translation companies in Adamawa do?

Translation companies in Adamawa do  document translation and interpretation services. Translation companies in Adamawa are in demand by several businesses like e-commerce, travel companies and websites, social media, finance, medicine, technical, and many more. Finding the list of the translation companies in Adamawa may not help you in choosing the best translation service provider in Adamawa . Meeting the primary standards is the Value provided by Novatia translations limited. Alot of researches have been done translation companies in Adamawa

Translation companies in Adamawa provide the most important function of translation

There are more than a million ways ideas, thoughts, information, innovations, inventions, and so on, are expressed and passed across to countless of people all over the world. A vital way to get this done is through the use of different languages, but not everyone understands another country’s native language. Which is where Translation Companies in Adamawa comes in. Nowadays, translation is sought after a lot because of the increasing globalization of businesses. With the help of Translation Companies in Adamawa, you can communicate and reach out  to a global audience.

Translation is the process of turning original or source text into a text in another language, that is, it is an art of converting written words or rather, texts from one language to another. Wikipedia defines translation as a written work expressed in a language other than the language in which it was originally expressed. In Translation, there are two languages, the source language and the target language, so upon translation, a similar copy of the original documents in a different language is received.

The words “Translation” and “Interpretation” are mostly used interchangeably, but by actual definition, translation refers to the written language while interpretation refers to the spoken language.

There are numerous types of Translation that are rendered by Translation companies in Adamawa. Some of which are:

  • General Translation: General Translation is considered a normal translation without specialized text, that is, the source material mostly uses layman terms and the ordinary, everyday terminologies. The text can be understood without needing any specialist knowledge. Translation companies in Adamawa have found this type of translation the most common of all types.
  • Legal Translation: This is a type of translation that involves contracts, treaties, and other documents relating to the law or legal process. Legal Translation can be done by translators with a legal background, those that fully understand the legal concept.
  • Certified Translation: A translation with some form of certification, that is, the translated document gets signed, sealed, stamped and dated by the translation company. Translation companies in Adamawa have their translated documents bearing the seal of the translator or company.
  • Notarized Translation: Notarized translated documents are required to be signed by the Notary Public. Only when the Notary Public signs the documents and attaches its official seal on it as proof of notarization can the documents then be considered as notarized documents. Notarized documents are sometimes mistaken for Certified documents. Notarized documents are always certified, but certified documents are not always notarized. The Notary Public does not need to attach its seal or sign a certified document, only a document that requires notarization. Translation Companies in Adamawa help clients with this service, only when required.
  • Literary Translation: It is the translation of literary works like stories, novels, poems, plays, and so on. Translation Companies in Adamawa consider this as one of the highest forms of translation because a literary Translation is much more than just conveying the meaning and context of a document in source language into the target language, it involves translating humour, feelings, emotions, merging cultural values and other subtle elements particular to literary works. It is believed that it is difficult, if not impossible to translate works of literature due to the use of idioms, rhyming words, puns, sarcasm, and so on applied in literature. For example, trying to translate a joke in German might not be considered funny if translated to Spanish.

Other types of Translation services offered include Website translation, audiovisual translation, Script translation, Medical translation, among others.

Is There a Need for Translation companies in Adamawa

Translation is much more than just merely changing words into another language. Translation promotes cultural understanding. Language is one of the barriers in the free flow of information. You can get to know more about various cultures through Translation.

Researches done by Translation Companies in Adamawa have shown that there is a need for translation in almost every global, international or local transactions from literature to media, journalism, education, business and many more. The purpose of translation is to make a document accessible to those who have insufficient knowledge of a language so they can be able to comprehend the text in its original form, in which Translation companies in Adamawa have made possible. For example, the Bible which was first written in Hebrew has now been translated to over 500 languages in order for global accessibility and for better understanding. The world is gradually advancing, from travel to communication down to geography when doing business internationally. The only barrier would be the language barrier. Majority of the Mega-businesses need high-quality translation in order to communicate effectively for the growth of their businesses. Although English is an important and popular language, other languages are beginning to grow in importance. So, Translation is needed in order to accommodate all languages as a global economy. Translation companies in  are conAdamawatacted to help in making these business agreements between mega-companies of different countries possible.

There is an importance of Translation in Travel and Tourism. Translation has had and still have a great impact in the area of Travel and Tourism, from travel documents and brochures to terms and conditions agreements being translated. Translation companies in Adamawa record a high rate of translation service in the travel sector, from people wanting to translate certificates, admission letters, passport pages, and so on, for the sole purpose of traveling.

Translation companies in Adamawa offer professional translation services by making use  of certified professional translators to give clients a perfect work because translation is a highly intellectual activity that requires a qualified staff having knowledge of the language. Translation Companies in Adamawa do not just translate documents, they provide a complete service to make your written documents in the targeted language understandable and acceptable in the culture where it is being introduced. Translation Companies in Adamawa make use of professional translators who have a close to perfect (if not perfect) understanding of both the source language and the target language. Being a Translator is more than being a bilingual, it includes the ability to interpret and transcribe a message that adapts the most to a specific target audience while also dealing with the linguistic and cultural challenges involved in translation.

The world is evolving with the use of technology in making lives easier everyday. Machine translation was introduced to make global communication easier and accessible to everyone. Nowadays, translation can merely be done with the use of Smartphones. There are Software/Machines that have being created to provide automated translations, however, there is a downside to this automated translation machine/software. Despite the amazing fact that machines now translate, human translators can never be replaced by machines. Reasons being that machine translation is quite useless for commercial purposes. A machine translation will only deliver information that has been programmed, which might differ entirely from the message needed to be passed across. Inaccurate translations can alter the intended meaning or provide double meanings to a particular message and even have negative effects on the operations for which the translation is needed. Also, a language is complex; it consists of several emotions, tone, and style which only can be understood and communicated by human. A word with the same spelling can have different meanings depending on the context of the sentence, this can only be understood by a human.

Professional human translators used by Translation companies in Adamawa will allow you to get deep, rich content and an accurate translation for important documents to share with those you are connecting with. For documents that are targeted to government agencies, such document must come with a translator’s certificate and seal from the translation agency, which is provided by Translation companies in Adamawa. Translation Applications or Software will not be able to provide these; therefore, Translation Companies in Adamawa have become a vital part of having thoughts and ideas spread throughout the world. Therefore, for professional translation services, human translators are better than Software or Applications. Machine Translation will only keep on improving with time without actually surpassing the skills of a human. No matter how advanced a technology can be, a machine will never be able to analyze the deep emotion or sarcasm behind a statement.

There are companies and organizations in Adamawa that translate different languages. They are known as Translation Companies in Adamawa. With the help of Translation, your work can reach numerous people all over the world. Translation companies in Adamawa are in existence at different levels, from the local, the national and to the international level.



Novatia Translation Agency is a world class international translation company with Certified Professional Translators from various parts of the world. Novatia Translation Agency is one of the best Translation Companies in Adamawa. Do your business information need to conveyed appropriately to the audience in their native languages? Translation is the key solution for every developing international businesses. Novatia Translations is a translations company in Adamawa that has been approved by different governmental agencies because of the following:

  • Certified Professional Translators
  • Prompt Service
  • Fast Service Delivery
  • Genuine and acceptable Seal

Novatia Translation Agency helps clients legalize, notarize, and authenticate their documents. Novatia Translation has been in operations for over ten (10) years and have stood the test of time. Novatia Translation provides services such as; translation of written materials, audiovisual recordings, website translation services, packaging and labelling translation services, notarization of document, authentication of document, legalization of document, among others. One of Novation Translation Agency’s outstanding features is that quality is guaranteed not by just the translation but by the fact that the translated work is reviewed after translation by a professional other than the translator so as to ensure an error-free work. This proves the professional competence of Novatia Translations Agency.

Perhaps you need your birth certificate, marriage certificate, Letters of employment and sponsorship, Curriculum Vitae, Letter of Admission and many more translated into several languages; Novatia guarantees that your project is in good and efficient hands and that your information will be communicated precisely in the target language.

Novatia Translation Agency provides translation services for documents of all types into over 205 languages ranging from local to international languages including Arabic, Polish, Russian, Turkish, German, French, Spanish, among others. With Novatia Translations, quality and accuracy is guaranteed.