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Novatia translation services in Abuja was founded in 2010, with a vision of translation and localisation in Abuja Nigeria. We believe that the quality of translation in Abuja Nigeria lay in the quality of the translators in Abuja Nigeria. Where many other translation companies in Abuja were set up to use a varied group of freelancers, Novatia translation services chose a different set up. We rigorously tested and hired a full-time, in-house team, and saw huge benefits in the approach.

Our team then put technology at the heart of our processes, long before it was the norm. With our own developers and engineers within the company, we found that we were able to adapt and integrate with the technology our clients wanted to use. In other cases, we provided them with our preferred tools. We have continued to push technological boundaries ever since.

Novatia’s early years as a leading translation company in Abuja Nigeria saw collaborations with a series of ground-breaking tech start-ups. Those start-ups went on to become some of the largest names in global technology. We grew with them, becoming a localisation team hundreds-strong. Our influence spread across multiple continents. Alpha moved into other sectors, bringing in industry experts in a great range of fields to make sure that we provided the specialist knowledge that was needed.

We are now one of the Abuja’s top translation agencies agencies. We manage large-scale projects for many multinational corporations and household names. Yet we have never lost our commitment to our in-house localisation model. We know that it works; and that is what makes our clients keep coming back.

About Abuja Nigeria

The Federal Capital Territory, commonly known as FCT, or loosely as FCT-Abuja, is a federal territory in central NigeriaAbuja, the capital city of Nigeria, is located in this territory. FCT was formed in 1976 from parts of the states of NasarawaNiger and Kogi. It is within in the Middle Belt region of the country. Unlike the States of Nigeria, which are headed by elected Governors, it is administered by the Federal Capital Territory Administration, headed by a minister appointed by the President


The territory is located just north of the confluence of the Niger River and Benue River. It is bordered by the states of Niger to the West and North, Kaduna to the northeast, Nasarawa to the east and south and Kogi to the southwest.

Lying between latitude 8.25 and 9.20 north of the equator and longitude 6.45 and 7.39 east of Greenwich Meridian, Abuja is geographically located in the center of the country.

The Federal Capital Territory has a landmass of approximately 7,315 km2, and it is situated within the Savannah region with moderate climatic conditions.

Natural resources in FCT

Minerals found in the FCT include marble, tin, clay, mica, and tantalite.[3]


The hills of the FCT provide home to many bushbuck, forest Black duikerbush pigchimpanzee and red-flanked duiker. Also found in FCT woodland are leopardbuffaloroan antelopeWestern hartebeestelephantwarthoggrey duikerdog-faced baboonpatas monkey and green monkey.[4]


The territory is currently made up of six local councils, comprising the City of Abuja and five Local Government Areas, namely:[5]


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