Novatia recognizes that there is a substantial requirement for textbook translations, considering that many important textbooks are available in a limited number of languages. This limits learning opportunities for people who need to refer to specific books which are unfortunately not available in the language they understand. We have tried to bridge this gap by offering textbook translation services for a large number of fields and languages.

Our professional textbook translators’ team consists of language translation experts from a wide range of areas. We have also ensured a substantial presence of mother-language translators so that textbook translations across various languages have an authentic local flavor. This increases readability and aids understanding. At Novatia, we have spent a considerable amount of time and effort to develop a business process which ensures that every textbook translation project that comes at Novatia is awarded to the team of translators who can provide best results in that particular project.
Since we rely on a global pool of writers, we can provide textbook translation services between almost any pair of languages, moreover our unique bid management process ensures the most reasonable rates for every translation.
We have already undertaken numerous textbook translation projects in the following areas-
• Sciences,
• Medicine,
• Psychology and
• Engineering among many others.