Relocating to a foreign area or an area with a language other than your native tongue requires a job search, whether before or after the relocation. For a client moving from Greece to Los Angeles, our services are required for Greek to English translation of his resume, not only for the content and language, but also in order to re-format it appropriately for U.S. job markets.

Clients depend upon us for professional business translation in regards to their resumes and work history documents, because formats of these documents vary. An American resume format is different than the format in a French or Chinese translation of that same resume, or the resume formats of any other applicable foreign language. Headings and dates are arranged differently, as well as order of content. This much is true even within different English speaking countries, such as the UK, New Zealand and the U.S.

Proper, professional resume translation and resume formatting should be provided only by professional translators with this experience and knowledge. Our translators have provided hundreds of resume translations in numerous language pairs. This expertise and knowledge is required in order to know exactly how each individual culture and language varies in resume and CV translations in regards to format, required or recommended content, job history, personal information, and more.


For a client requesting Greek to English translation, or any other language for resume translation, there are things to consider such as localization of work position titles and terminology, from Greek culture to the culture of American job markets, and even more specifically, Los Angeles. This is true for any language, including French, German, Russian, Japanese, etc. What may be known as “Business Administrator for Public Board of Officers” in the American job market, may have a completely different term for the same position in the French translation of it, such as “Manager of Business Affairs for Appointed Community Members,” or whatever it may be. These things may seem nit-picky and inconsequential, but in order to be represented properly, these details can make all the difference in a Greek to English translation of a CV or resume.

For anyone seeking a resume or CV translation, from or into any of the 40+ languages we offer, simply upload your resume and choose your language from the pull-down menu. You’ll be provided with an instant estimate of our extremely low translation rates and service costs. This convenient and fast quote service makes it easy to find out the rate on something relatively simple like a resume. After all, who wants to wait indefinitely for a simple estimate or quote, and then wait again to hear from a translation company customer service rep.? Our on-site free and instant quote service, combined with our free instant chat service or inquiry email, makes it faster and easier to get the information you want regarding any kind of translation service with our professional translation company.