Business meeting interpretation

Our Business meeting Interpretation Services, Business interpretation!

All our business interpreters are fully qualified, experienced professionals, who are experienced in different interpreting formats and have experience and knowledge of your industry and sector specific terminology. Our  business meeting interpreters are trained in working with businesses to help you meet your objectives.

Interpreting services are useful in all kinds of situations. Matching these situations with the right sort of interpreter is as much of an art form as the interpreting service itself.

One of the cornerstones of good interpreting is understanding the needs of a situation before setting out to find a suitable interpreter. It could be a negotiation between two companies, a simple research or study trip, an important client dinner or the year’s biggest trade show. There’s no ‘one solution’ option because interpreting is such a specialised profession. You need the right interpreter for the right occasion to get the best outcome for all parties. When you’re linked to the right kind of interpreter, you’ll discover how empowering it is to understand even the smallest nuance – with nothing left to interpretation.

Business interpreting for you

Language is a powerful business tool everyone can benefit from. Not just within your business but your clients and customers too, everyone speaking the same language harmoniously. HR professionals, marketing teams, the public sector, international business, banking or finance, even legal and health industries stand to benefit from access to the right interpreters every now and then. We know it can be a daunting prospect though, trying to find the right sort of solution, perhaps not even knowing what you’re looking for in the first instance.

Our role in this equation is grounded in our decades of experience finding interpreters who fit the given assignment and client. All the meetings and discussions with you are held in the language of your choice, so you understand everything clearly, before we supply the interpreter you need.

Our Multilingual Business interpretation services

Do you have multilingual audience members attending your next business or board of directors meeting? Are you attending a business meeting conducted in a foreign language? If so, at Novatia Translations we offer accurate, professional, and culturally appropriate simultaneous and consecutive conference interpreting/translation services for all of your business meeting interpretation needs.

About Business Meeting Interpretation

There are many aspects to business interpretation services. Business conferences require interpreting for a larger scale of audience and the interpreting is carried out in a more formal fashion. Business interpreting typically occurs among a few individuals, mostly on private business dealings on a smaller scale. Other business-related scenarios such as interviews, seminars, workshops, negotiations, factory visits, telephone conferences and so on are other areas where professional, accurate business interpreting is needed.

Business interpreting takes two common forms: consecutive interpretation service and simultaneous interpretation services. Sometimes whispering and telephone interpreting is also used, depending on the circumstances. The interpreter is fluent in both the source and target language, and so will mediate the exchange.

Using professional business interpreters not only helps you to get your message across, expand your business and form firm business relationships, it also shows your will to communicate and work with your foreign partners. The interpreter can facilitate your business dealings and provide a global outlook to your company. Not only will the interpreter be qualified with a recognised academic degree, which demonstrates excellent analysis skills and intellectual maturity, the interpreter will also be tactful in the case of misunderstandings or tense situations, and interpreting will still be delivered in an accurate and professional manner.

Business Meeting interpretation is usually required either on-site or round a table. Delegates listen to the speaker in the source language and when the speaker has finished, the interpreter, who will have taken notes during the speech/presentation, reproduces the message in the target language for those who require it. Consecutive interpretation like this is often used for smaller meetings, business negotiations, annual corporate meetings or at official gatherings where only two or three languages are spoken.