Sworn and Certified French document translations

Types of French Document Translation Services

  • Sworn French document translation services
  • Certified French document translation services
  • Notarized French document translation services

The intended use of your French document translations determines the type of legalisation of the French document translations.

Sworn and certified French Document translation Services

In today’s global economy it is not enough for an official translation agency to offer bilingual services. That is why we make it our business to be as global and multilingual as possible. We achieve that by working with a network of associates and business partners around the world which means that we have a large group of regular and certified translators available to us at all times. All of these translators are native speakers. A sworn translator may be sworn in another country than the Netherlands but will always deliver the high quality translation you, and we, expect of them.

Sworn Document translations from all languages to French

Actually, the term sworn translation is not 100% correct, it is, of course, the translator who is sworn in. They are required to take an oath in a court of law to verify that they are able to produce a truthful rendering of the original document. To that extent sworn translators keep learning and studying and taking additional courses throughout their entire working life. You and the certified translation you need profit from this continuous education and the experience in various fields and sectors the translators accumulate over the years. Language pairs our official translation agency offers include

  • Portuguese – French
  • Russian – French
  • English – French
  • Polish – French
  • Dutch – French
  • Spanish – French

and many others. If you don’t see your language in our sidebar list on the right, please contact us; we are able to provide official translations by native speakers from and to any language.

Certified translations French for Formal and Informal use

Whether you need a sworn translation of business documents or all kinds of private documentation and communication, our sworn translators French are able to get right to work as soon as your order comes in. They will handle urgent translations with the same degree of accuracy and attention to detail as any normal translation. Another important aspect of certified translations is confidentiality. Many documents our certified translation agency receives that need a sworn translator are sensitive or even classified. These may include

  • Non-disclosure agreements
  • Medical charts
  • Foreclosure documents
  • Summons

You can be sure that the sworn translator handling your documents and the staff of Novatia translations will always observe the utmost discretion: what happens in our official translation agency stays there. If you want or need this in writing, we will provide this to you.


The United Nations has six (6) official languages which includes; English, French, Russian, Spanish, Chinese and Arabic.

According to The Story of French by Julie Barlow and Jean-Benoît Nadeau, Globally, French is the only language, with English, that is taught in every country of the world, with 100 million students and 2 million teachers, 20% of whom are outside of francophone countries. French is also a working language of the EU, and some international organizations like the International Labor Organization, International Red Cross committee, Doctors without Borders and Amnesty International.

French language binds countries as diverse as France, Canada, Haiti, and Madagascar together.  While French speakers from different areas can understand each other, African French, Canadian French and standard French all have differences with respect to vocabulary, pronunciation, and sometimes grammar. In most cases, one may need to customize one’s content by making sure one’s translation is regionally appropriate and understood.

French translation; English to French and French to English is one of the most common translation requests in Nigeria.

There are several types of French and How they affect French document translation services;

  • European French which is spoken primarily in Paris, Southern France, Belgium, etc.
  • North American French spoken in Canada as well as Louisiana and,
  • African French which is spoken in Democratic Republic of Congo, Haiti, Algeria, etc.

In translating a text from English to French, one can expect the French text to expand by 15-20% more than the original English. When translating from French into English, the final translation will be about 15-20% less text than the original French. For French document translation services at Novatia translations Limited, we always ask our client the destination or intended use of the document. Every french document translation must carry the imprint of the country of destination. This is why Novatia translation NG is the best of all French document translation services in Nigeria, French translation companies in Nigeria.

Seeking French Document Translation Services

Whether you are looking to have a document translated from French into English, or if you are looking for an English to French translation, below are some factors to look out for:

  • It is important to work with a reputed French translation agency that can offer you services accordingly with their team of French translators who are not just native speakers of the target language but are certified as well. Gender assignation, the use of accents, and contractions can all cause issues when translating a document into, or out of, French.
  • It is also important, not only to identify target language but the target region/country because of the aforementioned French Language variations as different dialects use different idioms and phrases.
  • The supported file format of the language service provider has to be confirmed.
  • Confidentiality is of essence because most documents contain highly sensitive data.  For this reason, it is vital to hire a trustworthy translation agency with security features to avoid sensitive materials falling into the wrong hands.
  • The translation must retain the same tone and context as the original. For example, if a document contains an urgent call to action and is not communicated severely enough, the reader may not understand the severity of the situation and may fail to act accordingly.
  • The law is constantly changing and evolving. Thus, it is essential to use translators who keep up-to-date with legal developments.

About Our French Document translation services

Certified document translations are mostly required for Legal paper work, in Government agencies, Education, Immigration, business and corporate dealings.

French document translation service is one of the specialties of Novatia Translations NG. We provide certified, satisfactory and reliable French translation services within and outside Nigeria. Our pricing is competitive and includes no hidden charges. We have a dedicated team of native translators for French translation projects and we will be happy to guide you through the process of translating your documents to or from French Language.

You are looking for a sworn  French document translation or certified French translation done by a sworn French translator or certified French translator. We are a certified French translation agency and can help you with that. For translations of official documents you need a certified/sworn translation.

Over the course of time we have helped many clients in and outside the Nigeria to get a sworn French translation of their documents. We provide translations service in almost all language pairs. If you need an authentication  or legalization we can also give advice and if needed we can even get the legalization stamps for you. When your legal documents have been translated as “sworn” or “certified” they will be regarded as possessing a highly professional standard, and you will be able to use them officially. Our official French translation agency is happy to answer your questions and provide you with the best sworn translation for your document, whether you are willing to translate from French – English or from English – French.

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