Rent or buy simultaneous interpretation booth for simultaneous interpretation needs.  Our simultaneous interpretation booths have served at some of the most prestigious meetings and conferences in Nigeria and West Africa sub-region. The design of our mobile simultaneous translation booth yields many advantages: low operation costs, no special tools required for assembly, flexibility and expandability. Extra panels can also be added to increase the size of the original booth. High quality materials are used for both the inside and the outside finishing aspects, which satisfies both the translator and the audience. They necessitate very little maintenance; they are easy to repair, have no moving pieces and are easy to move.

Conference Interpretation Booths

The portable / mobile conference interpreter booth provides working accommodation for one, two, three or four interpreters. The whole interpretation booth can be assembled by means of hook fastenings. The dimensions and weights of the individual modules make it possible to transport and assemble the booth by one person only. The vertical modules are made of a robust outer hardwood frame which surrounds a central panel made of a soundproofing laminate material. The booth is designed to take two low noise tangential fans ensuring an adequate amount of air circulating in the booth. In addition two reading lamps are provided for each booth.

Conference Interpretation Booths come in many different types with key criteria being:

  • Color
  • Seating Capacity / Type
  • Working Surface
  • Size of booth / internal / external dimensions
  • Weight
  • Doors & Windows
  • Cable passages
  • Sound Insulation
  • Ventilation & Lighting
  • Free-space behind / before the booth
  • odor / anti-static / fire retardant or non-flamable / cause no irritation to eyes, skin, respiratory tract

Simultaneous Conference Interpretation Booths Types

Standard Conference simultaneous interpretation Booths

The standard Conference Interpretation booth provides a comfortable working space for the interpreter as well as acoustic separation between the audience and interpreters as well as between different interpreters. Interpretation Booth shall also provide good visual and two-way audio communication between the linguists and the participants.

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Table-Top Conference  Interpretation Booths


We provide table-top interpretation booths for smaller environments or places that do not require full enclosure. Table-top interpretation booth are placed on a surface and are open to bottom and back. They do not provide full sound insulation, but sufficient barrier to reduce noise pollution.

  • Color: Light Grey
  • Seating Capacity: 2 interpreters
  • Dimensions Outside: 120 cm x 61 cm x 61 cm
  • Material: Expanded Vinyl with acoustic foam
  • Fabric: 9mm woven density / 100% polyester cotton
  • Booth weight (without case) : 23.5 kg (without case)
  • Total Booth weight (with flight case) : 43 kg
  • Assembly Time: approx 5 minutes
  • Assembly Tools: None required
  • Inside Color: Light Grey

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