Agricultural Research Translations


Our agricultural translation service covers areas such as the following:

Agricultural Products

cereals, vegetables, fruits, meat, rice, maize, wheat, corn, soybeans, dairy

cotton, wool, hemp, silk, flax

methane, biomass, ethanol, bio-diesel

Raw materials:
lumber, bamboo

Tobacco, alcohol, opium, cocaine, digitalis

Biopharmaceuticals, bioplastics, nursery plants, flowers

Environmental & Ethical Issues:

Organic farming

Genetically Modified food, genetic engineering techniques

Fairtrade issues

Rainforest,   Climate Change

environmental awareness and stewardship

Greenhouse issues

GMO Research, Sustainable Agriculture

Soil conservation, Fertilizers, pesticides

Agricultural Processes

Agricultural processing

Farm equipment: trucks, tractors, combines

Insect and disease control

Animal and livestock husbandry

Fish-farming industry: aquaculture

Subsidies and policies

Forestry, Horticulture, Agribusiness,


Market reports, International Food Program

Common Agricultural Policy

Bio-tech industry

Weather reports