Nowadays companies are increasingly spreading their wings to establish their presence in foreign countries, and/or providing services to people whose native language is not same as the main language used by the company. This necessitates the translation of various documents, including presentations to the target population’s language in order to facilitate transfer of knowledge and other organizational activities smoothly.
Microsoft PowerPoint has become one of the most useful and oft needed tools for business and academic work among others. Business organizations use power point presentations all the time for various requirements like Sales and Marketing activities, Business meeting and Seminars.

Novatia has been providing professional presentation translations through qualified and experienced translation providers who translate on PowerPoint and deliver the translated version of the original presentation in powerpoint itself. You just have to upload the original powerpoint presentation at Novatia and place your order. We will deliver you the PowerPoint translation within the specified time.
Novatia also guarantees you the best translation rates because with the help of our unique and highly automated business process we are able to get the most suitable professional translator who could provide you with a high quality presentation translation for the best rate.